Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Now-now we're looking so smashed

Hi all!
Did you see new Anto's hairs? Definitely you did! I love them so much ^^ And how I could not retexture them?
So now I want to present you my retextures! Textures by Nouk! There're 9 colours (8 original Nouk's + 1 new, it looks light soft red and blonde, I called it 'cream' colour... you will see it in your bodyshop/game only, 'cause I didn't do any preview of it). From TF to AF!
Mesh is not included, it's free, so you can get it HERE :)
Enjoy  ♥

(you should press the image to see original size)

models - Drucilla by Pona, Serena by Vadim Levonenya, Alexandra & Irina by Kotangens, Natalia by AleX_miX


  1. блин.на симах очень классная одёжка,во всех постах.от куда такая?
    (если не сложно будьте добры,поделитесь ссылкой?!)

  2. Здесь практически все сайты откуда я беру контент.


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