Tuesday, March 10, 2015


Hi everyone! :)

It's me, Kotangens, and I want to say huge thank you to all of the amazing people, who still visit my blog! It means so much for me, honestly!

Want to say, that I bought a new computer and now planning about comeing back to creating for Sims 2 although they are not as popular as Sims 3 or maybe even Sims 4 idk.

Also I really want to buy the HypnotizedSims.com domain, so I need some money for it, that's why I turned AdFly on again, hope you're okay with it :)

Tell me some news about Sims 2 world, please! How many creators has gone from the community and are there any new talented meshers? :)))

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Newsea YU159f Retextures + Alpha Edit [Nouk&Kotangens' colours]

Sorry for disappearing, real life is crazy right now, the work in restaurant is unexpectedly way too hard >_<
I remember about 3 million gift (just need to do previews) and trade-off contest, will do everything soon, I'm sorry for keeping you waiting!

Here's a quick retexture of cute Newsea's hair, all 14 colours, works for all ages. Bodyshop preview, yeah >_> The face of model was slightly softened, but hair wasn't edited.

Love you all!!! ♥ 

p.s. here's the official HYPNOTIZED SIMS Facebook page! Will glad to see you there :)

Model by Ash.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

SkySims Fh109 Retextures [Nouk&Kotangens' colours]

Retexture of SkySims 3to2 conversion by Trapping :)

Model by Helena.


Well, seems Mediafire deleted some of my files again. 
The list includes:
Newsea YU089 Immortal Retextures (from 2011! wth) - fixed
Newsea J147f Retextures - fixed
PeggyZone Fh#007795 Retextures - fixed
Coolsims Fh#92 Retextures (2011, again. was downloaded 5698 times =_=) - fixed
PeggyZone SG Sep'11 Retextures - fixed

That's ridiculous and I'm gonna contact Mediafire Support about it. And surely I fill fix all the link in nearest future!

Also according to vote poll, most of you would like to have a FB page dedicated to HS! :D I used to have one and going to be more active at it since now! 
Check it out! :)

Much love, 

About celebration of 3.000.000 - I want so much to post all the content I created, but I have to learn some restaurant things (as menu including all kinds of dishes and vines), the sooner I learn it the sooner I became a waiter instead of trainee :) So I decided - work first, cc second. But let me know if you won't mind bodyshop previews, because then I can post some hairs including last newsea's one!

Newsea J134f retextures [Nouk&Kotangens' colours]

Not a part of 3 million views celebration, but I think you won't mind some updates :D
Hair which was requested via chatbox :)

Sunday, July 7, 2013


Hello dears! I'm so sorry for disappearing!
But I had an important reason, so hope you won't be too angry!

Now I'm not sure about week of updates, since I have no time for it at all. I will retexture two latest Newsea's hairs and see what can I do with all the content I prepared for you :D

About the reason - now I'm a waiter (well, trainee at the moment) in a huge amazing restaurant!!! :)
It's called Moskva (Moscow in English)

(click View more to see the photos)

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Week of constant updates: Anniversary Edition.

So I thought about special gifts and decided I will make another Week of Updates! :)
I think it's a better idea rather than upload all the gifts in one day, isn't it? Moreover, in this way I'll have more time for creating more stuff!

I think the WOCU #2 will be started on this Sunday or Monday and will last exactly 7 days. You'll get some delicious content all week long, so don't forget to check the blog daily! :)

And on the totally other side, the OP of secret #55, oh my god your picture made me laugh! I'm not sure if you're trolling me or anything, but that was funny, thank you! :D

Cute gif for you:


Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Upcoming celebration of 3.000.000 hit!

Hello dears! :)

Some news from real life: I just got home from my plastic surgeon. He took off the cast from my nose and removed the stitches. And it were 5 worst minutes in my life! Like ever! Even worse when he took off swabs! I though I was gonna die, I swear! D: Even though the nose is swollen, it's still prettier than the one I used to have! I can finally breath with it, it's such a happiness!

Right now I'm feeling very exhausted and would like to tell you that 3 million celebration will be held on the Friday or on this weekend because I don't have enough content to upload (probably because I uploaded all my 15 hair retextures during last week? lol) and since I would like to make something really good, I want you to wait a bit :) Here's a little hint - my lovely friend Emilia is gonna help me, and this means... sims 3 hair conversions will be a part of gift! Not one or two, but at least three 3to2 hairs will be released :) As well as clothes, accessories and even some furniture! (I think I don't even need to mention usual hair retextures ;))

So that's it, my thank you letter and gifts will be released later on this week, not in the exact moment of reaching 3.000.000 visits. 

I have no more news :)

Here's some cuteness for you!


Saturday, June 15, 2013

Requesting the gifts!

How are you guys?

Thank you for asking, my surgery went  totally great, I feel fine and my nose doesn't even hurt (until you touch it >_>). Till the Wednesday I must wear a cast on my nose which is kinda uncomfortable, but still bearable.
Can't wait to see the final result, I'm truly nervous about it ._.

How was your week? I bet some of you gonna have some fun tomorrow! :)

As for content, I'm so happy you enjoyed the week of constant updates! :)) I will try to do such thing as often as possible. And oh my, in a week or two Hypnotized Sims will gain 3 MILLIONS of view! That's kinda creepy! lol I will try my best to make some gifts to all of you! :)
Tell me what would you like to get? You can request anything and I will see what's possible to do! :)

Newsea J133f Retextures [Nouk&Kotangens' colours]

Newsea J142f Retextures [Nouk&Kotangens' colours]

Model by Ash.