Thursday, July 11, 2013


Well, seems Mediafire deleted some of my files again. 
The list includes:
Newsea YU089 Immortal Retextures (from 2011! wth) - fixed
Newsea J147f Retextures - fixed
PeggyZone Fh#007795 Retextures - fixed
Coolsims Fh#92 Retextures (2011, again. was downloaded 5698 times =_=) - fixed
PeggyZone SG Sep'11 Retextures - fixed

That's ridiculous and I'm gonna contact Mediafire Support about it. And surely I fill fix all the link in nearest future!

Also according to vote poll, most of you would like to have a FB page dedicated to HS! :D I used to have one and going to be more active at it since now! 
Check it out! :)

Much love, 

About celebration of 3.000.000 - I want so much to post all the content I created, but I have to learn some restaurant things (as menu including all kinds of dishes and vines), the sooner I learn it the sooner I became a waiter instead of trainee :) So I decided - work first, cc second. But let me know if you won't mind bodyshop previews, because then I can post some hairs including last newsea's one!

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