Tuesday, March 10, 2015


Hi everyone! :)

It's me, Kotangens, and I want to say huge thank you to all of the amazing people, who still visit my blog! It means so much for me, honestly!

Want to say, that I bought a new computer and now planning about comeing back to creating for Sims 2 although they are not as popular as Sims 3 or maybe even Sims 4 idk.

Also I really want to buy the HypnotizedSims.com domain, so I need some money for it, that's why I turned AdFly on again, hope you're okay with it :)

Tell me some news about Sims 2 world, please! How many creators has gone from the community and are there any new talented meshers? :)))


  1. you should be active on tumblr again. There's a lot of new simblrs out there! :)

  2. OMG!So happy your are back!I missed your creations.There's quite a few creators around for Ts2.:) If you are looking for some amazing clothes & accessories.Milasimsworld is like sim candyland.Trapping & misstikerri are no longer creating in the community:( but martini @ Mybsims is the go to spot for lots of hair conversion also rented-space Tumblr converts alot of things for sims2.I actually seen a slight spark in Ts2 since EA gave it away for free in the ultimate collection back in july of last year.There's alot of new blogs,simblrs,and sites .Your best bet is too hit up simcave.Mostly simblrs are the thing now.Alot of creators share their stuff there.:)Anyway can't wait to see what you have in store!Welcome Back :D

  3. As far as hairs go:
    People who disappeared: Peggy, Rose, Raon and Coolsims (and XMSims and SAU haven't updated for ages either)
    Still left: Newsea (only converts Sims 3 hairs for Sims 4 hairs lately and doesn't release new meshes constantly anymore), TSR creators, Kewai-dou and some random tiny Chinese blogs (that don't release anything too interesting or forbid converting)
    People doing new hairs for Sims 2 too: Skysims... maybe? Last one was back in January
    People converting Sims 3/4 meshes for Sims 2: Mybsims.blogspot.com and Rented-space.tumblr.com mostly + some other random people on tumblr.

    Another thing you might wanna hear: People still hate adf.ly. Maybe you could rather put up a donation button? You are popular after all and there likely are people who'd be glad to donate.

  4. I didn't think you'd come back, never, really. so this is awesome news :)

  5. Oh my GOOOOOD!! O___O I can hardly believe that you're still here!! It's like my birthday and christmas get together on one single day! (ha and really...those news came just one day after my birthday! o_o)
    Anyway...I don't know about other creaters...except for the fact that there aren't soo many left for Sims 2...which I find very sad as Sims 2 still is my favourite game of those four...Sims 3 is okay, too but...meeeh.... I'd most love you to make wonderful new Sims 2 hairstyles *-*
    Oh well...I still can't believe it...it's fantastic to see you back again ^-^

  6. Ooooh my friggin god he's BACK!!!

    ... yup pretty much my first reaction xD

    My dear, dear, dear, dear Kotangens you've been missing immensely here!!! You are one of my all-time-favourite creators in the Sims 2 community and your absence nearly broke my CC-craving gamer heart :'( Even almost 2 years after your last post I am still checking your homepage regularly hoping for an update. Your hairs are - in my opinion at least - the best I have yet found in the community and I am still using them in my game almost exclusively!!! Hoping you will continue your awesome work!!! (Pretty pretty pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeease? *makes puppy eyes*) And adfly is absolutely no problem, anything to support you ^_^

    Hope you are doing well in RL! And a huge, warm-hearted welcome back!!!


  7. Well, for sims 2: Simsomnia (new meshes and everything), Mybsims, Tifa (but only for sims 3 and I think she's starting to do Sims 4.), ModtheSims (of course), kativip, and some others I can't remember. People still love The Sims 2. I'm glad you're back. I am in love with your hair re-textures.

  8. Welcome back! You have been dearly missed. I agree with an earlier poster and vote for a 'Donate'-button. I think it'd be a lot better than ads, but ultimately you decide.

    Can't wait to see what you cook up for the game next!


  9. I´m mostly a silent admirer (speak: lurker *giggles*) but ... Oh my gosh !!! ... I just cannot keep silent here.
    I know at least 15 friends of mine, Sims 2 players as well, who will join me in my happy dance now . They will be all excited about you being back ! Like all the others above I´ve visited your site regularly and will stop by even more often now.
    Thank you sooo much !!!
    I know my Sims 2 will become more and more awesome with each of your creations.
    *storm off to facebook to share the good news* ... *storms back* xoxoxo Thank you soooo much !!! ... *storms off again*
    Yours Kammy67

  10. Oh my god! I'm really excited! I still play the sims 2 and it will be really really awesome if you will seriously continue your work! I can't believe. This is the best page with downloads, and thank you really freaking much.
    I love you and I wait for more.
    Welcome back!


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