Saturday, February 5, 2011

About NewSea's Musical

NewSea's Musical Retextures

- mesh is included
- textures by Nouk
- 10 colours
- all ages except elders
- not binned and familied
- compressorized

(you should press the image to see original size)
And close-up (because I noticed my shots don't give any chance to see the texture of hair, lol)
(you should press the image to see original size)

Special thanks to my new friends ology and Modoi for these fabulous clothes!
Also thanks to fantasyladygaga :)

models - Alexandra & Irina by Kotangens, Serena by Vadim Levonenya, Natalia by AleX_miX, Anastasia by Pona, Gisele by Lasky.


  1. dear, don't be upset!
    I am sure that anyone who visit your blog becomes speechless, because they cannot find the words to express delight!
    вощим, не страдай, Ильдарка :)
    я навечно твой молчаливый поклонник :))

  2. Анечка!!! *О*
    какая ультра приятная неожиданность *__* :***
    thank you so SO much =,)))))
    you already made my day (or night :DD без разницы :D)

  3. absolutely love :X
    thanks for using my clothes ^^
    and omg just 3 comments? :O

  4. Khoa, dear, thank you ^^ :***
    yep, I told you, loads of visitors and downloads and almost no comments т_т

  5. Love your recolors ! Sorry if I don't comment but I always love your recolor, I don't want to say the same thing each time.

  6. Anonymous, thank you so much for your comment <3
    It's really important for me that anybody found my (or other member's of HS) content good and enjoyed it ^^
    And thanks for visiting :)

  7. 900 downloads? Wow, that's a lot. Some people barely get five downloads. As to the people not commenting... like the anon said before, most of the time it's saying "Thank you" every time, which does get repetitive. Others just don't even know what to say, and at other times it becomes a pain to sign in just to say two words. And for the bad ones... they're not your friends so they won't say anything or they'll download it just to have it, but don't really care about it. Those bad ones suck worst of all, but don't get yourself down about it, if one person leaves a comment, it makes all the difference in the world. And don't stop creating because people don't say thank you, create it because you want to! I'm sorry for this being so long, felt like I had to say something.

    On other news... this hair is gorgeous. Hard to believe it's Nouk's textures, I don't remember them being so shiny! Thank you very much!

  8. Scepter, don't worry, I always write too much words, too. haha

    Yes, I also think it's kinda a lot. And I agree that always write 'thank you', 'thank you' and 'thank you' is boring a bit. But does it mean it's better to always keep silence? If we summarise all comments, we will get ahm.. maybe 20? or less. And we have in total over 5200 downloads of content from this blog..... iit means people don't worry about 'how interesting and unique my comment wil be', they're just lazy.

    By the way, as I said before, I will be really happy even for 'thank you', I don't need any original comments.

    "it becomes a pain to sign in" - to comment here you can just type your name a leave a comment. Nobody needs to specially register at to leave a comment.

    About textures - yes, they're by Nouk) And they always were shiny :DD

    Thank you so much for your words, thank you!

  9. Я все никак не налюбуюсь..... прелесть!

  10. Оленька, спасибоньки ^______^ очень приятно :***

  11. These are beautiful, thank you so much for sharing!

    I understand your feelings about people downloading and not leaving comments because it's happened to me to. But don't let it get to you, having 900 people download your lovely content should prove to you that people like it!!

    Can't wait to see what you create next! ^__^

  12. Oh, jeybee, thank you so much for visiting and for support! ♥

  13. believe me sweetheart, i'm more than thankful that someone wishes to create something for the sims. the community is dying and we're in great need of people like you. your downloads are stunning. thank you so much for your devotion.

  14. Thank you for support, Anda!
    btw I think our community will die not so soon :DD lots of good creators still continue to create ;)

  15. Lovely hair re-textures. *O* And about the view/comments thing, well done on getting 900+ downloads, about the comments, I guess some are just like that. D:

    Just wondering if you had the links for the lovely dresses?

    Anon~ <3

  16. Thanks, Anon :D

    oh, okay
    here is the link -
    don't know which dresses you want, because there're 3 different creators, whose creations I used :) even 4, but the 4th not from that forum. Enjoy.

  17. Thank you for the link! And thanks again for the hair recolours.

    Anon~ <3

  18. Hey, it's Rosylove :) I'm sorry you feel like you are not getting anything back and you don't want to create anymore. I love your creations and would hate to see you go. I'm sorry i've never commented here. I'm not familiar with using blogspot and wasn't even aware that i can put comments on here. I'll try to be better about it.
    This retexture is gorgeous! Is the elder age removed completely or does it still show up, but it's just not retextured?
    The model with the red dress is amazing! Is she yours?

  19. Wow.. how beautiful! *-*
    Thank you so much for sharing those amazing Retextures with us. <3

    I'm a Youtube-User so I understand how sad it is, when people only watch/download without leaving a comment. x_x
    Of course it makes one happy to see a huge amount of clicks, but a simple "Thank you" (which takes only a few seconds) for something you spend hours to create is enough to make one very happy. <3

  20. H A P P Y B I R T H D A Y !!!!

    WOW!!! Your creations are beautiful, gorgeous.

    Thank you so much.

  21. Sorry about the double post... live journal said the first one did not go. I would delete one of them , but I don't know how.

    Again sorry.

  22. The models are so gorgeous!
    Amazing retexture!! :>

    I understand well, some people come just for the download, it's so good to see when someone likes the content, and any opinions are always appreciated.
    Thanks for sharing Kotangens! ;)

  23. oh god, can't blieve my eyes, you're so sweet, guys T_T

    Rosie, hi ^___^

    Elders have original texture, I didn't change it at all (but in future I will)
    Model in red dress is by Lasky, you can download her at his old site!

    And thank you soo much for visiting and for your comment *_* :****

    Angelique, thank you! yes, I absolutely agree with you :) I hope people will leave more comments to you <3

    judy555, awwww thanks a lot! ^__^
    and don't worry, I deleted doubled post :)

    aWT, oh, hello! :D I hope more kind people will leave you comments soon, because your works are really lovely and you work really hard)
    thank you for visiting :)

  24. Oh, i knew i've seen her somewhere before... I'm gonna go dig around Lasky's old site to find her. Thank you :)

  25. A fine job you did. I love the textures, keep up the great work!~

  26. Rosie, her name is Gisele, by the way ^^

    Fiona, thank you!

  27. thanks so much your site is one of the few I check frequently for new content. this hair looks amazing! well done.

  28. Oh! Anon, thank you so much for your kind words, can't believe somebody waits for updates here ^^
    Will try to put some updates soon :)

  29. thanks from spain ,great jobs!!!

  30. awww, so cute ^^
    thank you, Grettel!

  31. thank you so much! :)

  32. my favourite custom content is hair~~
    like your works very much!
    and gorgeous clothing,beautiful models!!

    by the way,is the clothing made by your friends Khoa?can i download his gorgeous clothing?

    big thanks to you!
    happy everyday!

  33. Thank you, Anon!
    Khoa (Modoi), sims3ology and fantasyladygaga @

    But it's impossible to download these dress, as I wrote before - the forum was updated and all old content was deleted.

  34. today i get a lot yummy stuffs by you and i really happy that you share all them, thank you for make many hairs look much better, i really like you colors...hmm, else i so much enjoy get you clothes and wish get more glasses
    i wrote few comments, but not to every stuff what i get, just in case i feel speechless and now it really late here (^-^;)

    i still enjoy play sims 2 even if they have less options then sims 3, they look much better
    i don't like fat looking sim in 3th part, even with many mods they still look fat (-- --') i don't like

    so i so enjoy found you blog with so many nice content, please, keep working, don't stop, we love you!

    please, don't stop!
    but i guess you can make less screens for you work, then it will save you time

    извини что по-английски, сложно по-русски мысли выражать стало последнее время (>.<)
    мне почти все ретекстуры понравились, цвета выглядят более приятно!
    хотелось бы по больше разного стаффа, но даже оформление отнимает столько времени...
    but пожалуйсто "don't stop, i luv you style"

    и вот еще, сложно комментить до того как в игре увидишь, а в игре буду смотреть как все что нравится скачаю, а это не сразу (- -')

    вот еще:
    спасибо, спасибо, спасибо, спасибо, спасибо!!

  35. nyanyanya, спасибо большое за такой развернутый комментарий!!! :)

    ну, скрины то игровые, не из бодишопа(в данном случае), поэтому не вижу никаких сложностей :D


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