Friday, February 11, 2011

special gift and even more

Okay, I'm here again and I bring something for you ^^
It was my birthday on 8th February and I planned I'll post one special gift for all of you because of it, but I didn't have enough time =__=

Here is my special gift - ice-creams. I made them for myself and didn't want to share them with everybody, but now I do, because you'll be quite happy to get them, huh?

Mesh is by my lovely friend AvikaPang, you should thank her for it ^^
Download it HERE. It used to be a 'kind friend' item, but Pang was so nice and decided to share it with everyone. It would be great if you leave some kind words to her in guestbook or comments :)

And btw, meet new 'Hypnotized Sims' models - Leyla Mint and Karolina Bendera :) Thanks to my friends Max and Max for them :DDD

Ice-creams' details:
- mesh is not included
- 4 different bright colours
- for males and females
- from teen to elder
- compressorized

(you should press the image to see original size)

models - Irina by Kotangens, Leyla by M.A.X, Cecilia by Ronnie, Karolina by mc ☆ roll

Also I retextured new XMsims' hair, not with simple Nouk's textures, but with new curly textures ^__^
This's my very first try to make a set of curly-textured hair, I very hope you guys will like it :)

Want to thank again and again dear Nymphy, she made these colours special for me, 'cause I couldn't recolour original texture :D She's really kind and helpful person. And very talented, btw :DDDD

Hair's details:
- mesh is not included! download it for free HERE (scroll down)
- 6 colours (black, dark brown, light brown, blond, red, platnum)
- for AF only (because of strange mesh)
- textures by Nymphy, Nouk & Pooklet
- alphas by Nymphy
- not binned/familied
- compressorized

 (you should press the image to see original size)

models - Serena by Vadim Levonenya, Alexandra by Kotangens, Linda by OlgaPotap


  1. The hairs came out beautifully Kotangens! (: Thank you for sending me a link so I could see (and download them :D) myself. Keep up the good work. You make lovely content!

  2. Aww, thanks, Nymphy ^^ glad you like them :)

  3. Hey, it's Rosylove again :) Happy belated birthday!!! I hope you had a great day, with tons of fun and a yummy cake :)
    I love your preview pictures, especially the ice cream one. All the models are amazingly gorgeous!

  4. Rosie, thank you again :**
    thanks to creators of that girls, without them my previews wouldn't be such pretty :)

    aWT, :D

  5. Oooh, these hair are gorgeous. I like your curly texture :)

  6. Agate, thank you *_*!!
    By the way, textures not mine, they're by Nymphy, Nouk & Pooklet :) I just put their textures on this hair)

  7. I LOVE the wavy textures! The mesh is already so pretty but now it's even better with the new texture. I love wavy/crimped hair.

    Also could you please tell me, on the model in the middle, how you got her tongue to stick out like that? it's so cute!

  8. Thank you so much :)

    Oh, that lipstick is by Musi, sadly thir blog was closed and idk did anybody re-upload it or not. But you may find some nice tongue-masks by Maynarakmak in her blog ->

  9. I also have birthday February 8 о.о

  10. Hey, do you know where you got the light blonde hair on the model all the way to the right (holding the red ice cream)?


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