Wednesday, April 27, 2011

About updates

Sadly I have not enough free time and lots of plans and deals. I blended this skintone for 3 days, every day I made it better, I think I almost done it. + It has good face texture. I blended some Pona's skintones with Ephemera's and Mousyblue's, so it just can not be bad, you know haha :)

Polina and me created some clothes also, but since Polina has no time to finish previews, you'll need to wait a bit ;)

Also I finally created sim for you, she's in very my style, so if you like Irina or Alexandra, you def will like new girl.

Okay guys, hope you read this information, because I want you to know that we never forget about you, and Hypnotized Sims' team always thinks what we can create interesting for our visitors :)



  1. Wow, I really love those scars on the skin!!!
    Good job!

  2. аа... шрамы...
    Поновские брал?

  3. нет, сам делал)
    все подробности будут позже, я почти доделал все превью для скинтона.

  4. Ну, если сам делал, мой поклон!
    Жду не дождусь! *мечтательно вздыхает*


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