Sunday, May 15, 2011

Ououo, I gonna get you.. :D

Woah, results of Eurovision were shocking, weren't they? Who could predict that boring song from Azerbaijan will win? Definitely not bookmakers lol

Honestly, I write you to say some news, not discuss Eurovision contest!
I already retextured 2 new  NewSea's hairstyles - Dolphin and BlueBird ^ ^ But that's not the most important new. Main news - I already found out how to bin and family hairstyles, so from now all my hairs will be binned and familified, thanks to CatOfEvilGenius @ MTS :D

And to make my post more interesting, want to show you some updates from my good old friend Lera a.k.a. MayaHizaki :)

Cazy 022 retextures! Looks awesome, I think :)
(and here's Irina, who became my most popular model haha)

Find it and other hairs/make up here!


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