Friday, July 29, 2011

PeggyZone FH Mesh #007662 Retextures

Peggy Zone 007662
- mesh by PeggyZone is not included! it's free (+ you can downlaod it without registartion)
- textures by Nouk
- 11 colours
- All ages
- binned & familied (two full familes + 1 not full [3 colours])
- compressorized


2011 7 28 1 6666
(picture is clickable)
(free mesh is not included, get it here!)

(For those who have problems with downloading the mesh)

Our stunning models: Irina by Kotangens, Ildaria & Serena by Vadim Levonenya, Sensual by mc ☆ roll.

Additional credits: AvikaPang, JustSims2, LaVanilla, FemmeFatale, Zara, Ephemera, Tifa ;;


  1. peggy site won't appear. could you please include the mesh? :))

  2. PLEASE include the mesh T_T... PeggyZone won't let anyone else register anymore T_T

  3. Your retextures are amazing! I really love it! :)

    I always used Pooklet textures, but Nouk textures are really well too!
    May be you could tell me where can i find Nouk textures? I don't find them :(

    Thank you very much!

    Sorry if my english is bad, i'm spanish xD

  4. hi, may you add the mesh? the website it from may not download it...

  5. Guys you don't need to register to get this mesh from Peggy's site. Just click the link Kotagens put up there to the mesh page and click the green download button on that site. I just did it and it works. Hope this helps! It was super easy :)

  6. where can we get those headbands? :D please tell me :)

  7. First of all, thank you for comments! I'm so happy you commented my work, thanks a lot!

    I will upload version with the mesh soon!
    I wrote, you can download from it without registartion! But sometimes Peggy's site doesn't load at all, so okay, I will include meshes in future.

    Nuper, I don't remember where I downloaded Nouk's textures definitely.. I remember only that I found them at GoS, that's all.

    Anonymous, oh thank you for helping :)

    Anonymous, you can download that headband here -

  8. where can we get those costume hair makeup on the forehead? thankies :D

  9. Well, blond one by ON style, for friends only. Brown one... sorry, I don't remember.

  10. thanks for including the mesh on mediafire. i couldnt get to peggy.

  11. Wstawcie sima Ildaria, proszę, proszę, proszę :*

    1. I tylko zrozumiane "proszę proszę proszę" część Ola może prawo to jeszcze raz w języku angielskim, proszę?

  12. Can I find somewhere sima Ildarie? ;>


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