Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Drama is for movie, not for life.

I will wrote about the whole situation happened to me, if you're here for downloads only - just scroll down.

First of all, thank my dear friends Rosie and Pona, who helped me to make right decision. - re-open the blog.
There will be always haters around no matter what you do. But there are always more those who are thankful.

I'm tired of writing that I want to be nice with everybody here who's nice to me. It doesn't mean I'm two-faced or else. I'm honestly thankful for for every positive comment you wrote me, they cheered me up and made me wanna create more. For others who went here to try to troll me - fuck you, nobody needs you.

About models, I wrote, I will not share anybody with you, you and especially with you.
There's no need to write how beautiful and amazing my creations are with hope I will be so thankful and share anybody you asked. I won't. And I won't write why, I did it already.
I will delete any comments about models since now.

The same situation with content from Naver.

Upd. Next. About case at Simscave with copying of Irina. I don't give a fuck about that fugly version of my model and for me it's miserable. For those who think she's the reason why I wanted to close the blog - it's not even a bit close to the actual reason.
Btw someone told me lots of things about Ignis (who's Russian). It's not her first dirty deed. She already plagiarized one forum with role-gaming, she copied everything: the describing, rules, ideas and even the name of forum. She re-made a sim of her ex-internet-friend (did it ugly, it's obvious). This person who knows Ignis really well just described her as an unbelievably stupid and idea-less person, who just needs attention. Well, I hope you got enough of it, enjoy the truth.

Want to ask Odessa to accept my apologizes, it wasn't her at all! She's absolutely too kind and nice to do such disgusting things. I'm sorry for accusing her, wish she won't be angry at me since I'm tired of this shit, arguing and fights.
Odessa, contact me via e-mail, please.

One thing disappointed me most about that case - people who thanked (supported) that weird post, where Odessa lied about me and put tons of shit. One of them - TacozMonkey, who was always so nice and sweet with me.
TacozMonkey, you're fake. I don't wanna see anything from you, since now every your comment will be deleted, there's no need for me in such lickspittles here.

Thank you all for your e-mails, PMs, messages at fp. So many touching words.
I appreciate it a lot! Hope you can forgive me for that little weakness and keep enjoying my works