Sunday, August 14, 2011

Great news!

Now we're officially!

Isn't it cool? Haha :)

Thanks so much all for supporting and special thanks to my lovely friend Rosie for help!

Surprising updates are coming soon!


  1. Hi There! I absolutely love your work. I love your textures more than the original textures. Can i make a request? It's a Newsea Hair, a free hair. It's called Physical, it's the cute bob hairstyle. I am glad I found this site, i was getting so frustrated with nice hairs & fugly textures. Thanks so much <3


  2. StaceHamilton, hello and thank you so much!
    I already got the request about this hair and already done it :))) It will be in my next update!

  3. Your Welcome! Don't ever stop, the hairs look amazing on my sims. :)

  4. Thank you again a lot for you kind words, I'm glad you enjoy my works :)


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