Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Newsea J057f Holic Retextures

I did this retextures maybe a month ago D:
But couldn't upload them (and some other) because of binning problem, hope I'm not too late :)

- mesh by Newsea is included!
- textures by Nouk [edited by me]
- 11 colours
- for all ages
- binned & familied (two full familes + 1 not full [3 colours])
- compressorized


(picture is clickable)

enjoy  & don't forget to comment ♥ 

Our stunning models: Irina by Kotangens, Ildaria by Vadim Levonenya, Mereya by Kαtie, Sensual by mc ☆ roll, Anastasia by Pona, Gisele by Lasky

Additional credits: Mouseyblue,
Schnappi, JustSims2, FemmeFarale, AvikaPang, Zara, Ephemera, Tifa ;;


  1. HEHE nice textures AGAIN specially this hair to be honest the converted one you mad was better than the original but not animated i have one question where can i get Rihanna's model eyeliner ??

  2. Better? Really? :D
    Btw this hair animating isn't really good, that's weird since Newsea know how to do it good ><

    Eyeliner is by ZARA (, but I afraid it's for her friends only.

  3. i have a naver can i be a friend

  4. First of all you should have some interesting posts in your blog. Then you may ask anybody to add you as a neighbour, either Zara or Tifa or anybody else. Nothing impossible :)

  5. i added rainy drops (Cazy) as a neighbour but every time i try to enter the neighbours download a weird korean message pop on my face do you know what does it means

  6. Not you, but SHE has to add you. That pop up message means something like 'You have no rights to visit it'.

    You should make friends or at least be very nice to a person to make him want to add you!

  7. Do you use pooklet's textures?

  8. I would love to have this hair for my male sims too.. could you please upload this hair again for boys?? T__T

  9. Anon, sadly I don't know how to convert hairs from female to male :(

  10. Hi Kotangens! This hair is amazing and I'm trying to download it but it doesn't work, can you fix it?

  11. Hi!! :D I have question, can you make (or know where i can download) this version of hair but short edition? short to the jowl? THANKS :D


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