Saturday, August 6, 2011

Newsea YU070f Roam Retextures

- mesh by Newsea is included!
- textures by Nouk [edited by me]
- 11 colours
- All ages
- binned & familied (two full familes + 1 not full [3 colours])
- compressorized


2011 7 28 1 33 24
(picture is clickable)

enjoy  & don't forget to comment ♥ 
Our stunning models: Irina by Kotangens, Rihanna by Helena, Anastasia & Drucilla by Pona

Additional credits: Schnappi, Mouseyblue, KimJ, alex_mix, AliceJapan, AvikaPang, Zara, Ephemera, Tifa ;;


  1. Beautiful thanks for this retexture. Fabolous!!

  2. Very nice retexture! Hairs looks soft and natural especially blond. Thank you for sharing!
    Also, I want to ask about lips on black-haired model from this picture It looks like one of Tifa's lips, can you please tell me where can i find it? Thanks in advance!

  3. Thank you so much for comment, Anonymous!
    I downloaded it from Tifa's blog and I don't know is it available anywhere else. I may not reupload her content, don't ask me about it please.

  4. It's still the same anonymous as in previous comment. Thank you so much for not helping me. When I said that your retexture is nice, I lied just to try to get that lipstick. Everyone's other retextures are better than yours, coz texture you use looks like shit. So long, looser!

  5. ORLY?
    I'm so happy I didn't help such asshole.

    I love texture I use, it's truly lovely and I don't care if you don't like it. Nobody cares.

    I can't share Tifa's stuff, it's not allowed and I don't want to have problems with her because of such two-faced people like you, isn't it clear?

    Bye, toady.


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