Sunday, December 25, 2011

About commenting :)

Hi everybody :)
I'm taking a small pause for relaxing and while I'm watching «The Nightmare Before Christmas» the first time in my whole life, I'd like to ask you something.
I'm very thankful for every comment you leave, but can I ask you to not doing it anonymously, please? 
It's difficult to answer anyone called Anonymous when there are several same persons at one time :D

 If you don't know how to put your name, here you are a mini-tip:

It's always more pleasant to answer someone with name rather than faceless anonymous, isn't it?
I think it would be the same if creators uploaded their stuff without telling you their nicknames, would be weird hehe

Thank you all for your time <3
In Russia Christmas is celebrated on 7th of January, but I know all over the world it's today ^ ^
So Merry Christmas everybody! Wish you all the best, hope you enjoyed your gifts and spent the whole day in the greatest way!

I will try to surprise you with special X-mas gifts soon :)


  1. why not just turn of Anonymous?

  2. Anonymous, why not just stop being anonymous :D

  3. Because most people, like me for example, are lazy bums that are not bothered to type in a name or ID, as soon as I see anonymous I click it because it's just easier to post as an anonymous. If you turned anonymous off and I wanted to comment then I would just type in a name.

  4. Anon, sadly it's impossible to close anonymity, then URL/Name will be closed as well.


I appreciate you stopping by and leaving a comment :)