Friday, December 30, 2011


Well, let me tell you, I was very close to giving up on sims and having a depression.
Yesterday night when I finished making preview for new gifts, my computer made some weird sound of exploding popcorn and switched off, after what an awful smog filled the entire room. One single thought of disappearing of all of my sims 2 content, personal information, photos and other stuff which I saved for about 6 years frightened me so much, I wanted to scream and cry but all what I could do is silently laying on the bed without any move.

Some hours ago my older brother came home and checked my computer. He told that only Power Supply burned and accidently he has extra one. Thanks  god  my brother, I'm so happy right now, even one preview is still here at the desktop! :D

I'm super sorry for delays, I think I'm the worst Advent Calendar creator, do you know someone else who uploads "everyday" gifts once per 3 days? Personally I don't >_>

And it's very possibly you will get the most important gift not on 31st of December, as I planned, but on 1st or 2nd of January.

That's all what I wanted to tell you, now sorry but I have to go to continue to make previews :D



  1. Damn, stupid that that happend ;o
    Well, hopefully everything will be going well soon (:

  2. You are so lucky! LOL! Once a few years ago, my computer stopped working and I got so frustrated that I stuck in the disk that wiped my whole computer clean and I didn't have any back-ups so I lost all of my sims, CC, music, pictures, everything! I think I cried for 5 minutes then started downloading again. It was bad. :(

  3. Sanne, yes, thank you :)

    Angela, oh my god, I'm so sorry to you! I told this story already, but when I was much younger I used to collect different pictures: cartoons, cats, dogs, everything. And once I left folder with dogs on the desctop of my brother's computer. He deleted it right on my eyes. I cried so hard. I really can't imagine what would happen to me if I lost all my files yesterday.

    The worst thing is not losing content for games, music or pictures of cats from internet. The worst is when you lose photos from your real life with your friends, family or just where you're young, which are impossible to back up. I will upload everything important to my mediafire on the holidays. And think you should do it as well. Everything is possible and we need to be extremely careful.

  4. Thanks to your brother from me too, I doubt I could live without your work! <3
    also, your a great advent calendar creator. :P

  5. Clark, hehe yes, him too :D But more thanks to brother anyways :D

    Anon, thank you :)))) Great and slow :D

  6. Hey Kotangens, it's me morli. If you need help with previews, just tell me :3

  7. Morla, really? *_* I will definitely ask you in the future, no doubts :D Thanks for offering your help! <3

  8. Wohooooo I'm excited :3 Just pm me over at Gos and send me your stuff! I'm glad I can do something productive in the sims community :)

  9. Morla, lol I'm banned there now for 2 weeks! haha
    Do you have skype or MSN or just e-mail? If you don't want to spot your info here, write me to :) Or to my tumblr page.

  10. I think I lost like 3 times all my computer content...I was so desperate ._. So now I save all my stuff twice xD I won't download 9803 sims stuff EVER again.
    By the way I'm glad that you're computer isn't broken, it would really suck, don't you think? :D

  11. It's totally okay,Kotangens! Your Advent Calendar is awesome,I LOVE it!!! xDDD
    Sorry to hear that,but I'm glad that your brother has the extra power supply =DD
    Thank you for your effort! ^o^

  12. @Micky: That's so sad, I wish you never have such problems in future!

    @ARH: Thank you for kind words! <3

  13. Actually,that remind me that incident ever happened to my old computer many years ago,when my brother used it,LoL xD

  14. If you're older brother, then it's obviously you will blame younger one with your computer problems :D I went through it, thanks god I have my own now. Sadly my Mom hasn't. And yesterday when Mom used his computer - it crashed, sure brother yelled it's totally mother's fault even if she just played standard Windows' card games and listened to music :DD

  15. LOL,in my case,my little brother who is the computer whiz,so he was the one who was mad and tried to not to be blamed and tried to fix it and bought the new one xD
    And I often blamed my mother who sometimes always being clumsy when using computer when she messed up with the computers,hehhe
    And now I have my own as well,so that incident rarely happen ;)


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