Saturday, December 17, 2011

Gift N16


Sexy-Sweaters: Part II

• find at separate tops
 • YF-AF
• mesh by Sentate is included
• credit for base texture goes to Sentate as well
• credit to Greta @ Tumblr for awesome pictures :)

(click the image to see FULL size)
(906.21 KB)


PeggyZone Fh#008012 Retextures
• mesh by PeggyZone is included
• works for all ages
• 12 colours
• textures by Nouk, modified by me 
• alpha-edited
• binned and familified

Colour: Light Brown

Retextures with Rose binned as "Black"
(5.65 MB)

 Retextures with Rose binned as "Red"
(5.65 MB)

Thanks to Helena, MissTiikeri and Ash for lovely models!


  1. yessss!! love those sweatshirts!! thx

  2. I was expecting to see those sweatshirts :D
    Thank you again <3

  3. i love the blonde hair at the top 1 on the right where can i get it? please i would love to know

  4. I'm sorry,I don't know it's just me or not,but I can't see the pictures...

  5. jcthafinest, Micky, thank you :)

    Anon, it's by Cazy @ TSR. Will be published soon.

  6. Ah,I can see the pictures now. Thank you! =))

  7. ARH, you're welcome!
    The problem was caused by ImageShack. FireFox doesn't work properly with blogspot since yesterday (or it's just for me) and imgur made pictures look crappy even if they weight less than 300 KB. So I had to find new image hosting. Just fixed everything with Opera and blogspot images :D

  8. Glad all is fine now! ;D
    I downloaded the hair ^^

  9. Hi, I like your jobs !! they're great !! but pls can you tell me where I can find the outfit of the second picture :)

  10. ARH, glad you like it :))

    Anon, thank you! It's from

  11. Ah I just recognized the animated cursor! How cute! Great Gifts, I like those hair!

  12. Where can I get the hair which the blonde model has on?

  13. hey hun, where can I get the tribal printed skirt? I think it's by femmefatale but I looked and can't find it.

    By the way thank you for the sweaters ;)

  14. Cindy, hehe yes I like it too ^ ^ Thank you!

    Anon, by Cazy @ TSR. Mine version will uploaded soon.

    Ceeya, it's actually mine, check previous gifts out for it. You're welcome!

  15. On the second sim, in the cozy sweaters set,
    where can I get that mustashe necklace?

  16. Hi! It's by me, wasn't uploaded and I'm not sure it will be.

  17. those sweaters... I love it!! Thank you so much!!!!

  18. I can`t download those sweaters :( They`re awesome!

    --> The file you requested has been blocked for a violation of our Terms of Service.

  19. the link for the sweaters doesn't work. it says :

    Invalid or Deleted File.

    T_T why?!?!?! they're so amazing!


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