Sunday, December 18, 2011

Quick thanks message

Today my blog reached 500 000 visits, wow :)
I wrote my blog, because well, all other creators left it since they are very busy in real life or just lost interest in creations, sadly.

I didn't write (I guess), but on the October 6th was blog's 1st Birthday (it was "by the way" haha)

I'm far not best creator and not the sweetest person you have ever met. But I believe I reached a lot for the last year, I got so many love and support messages, met lots of amazing and interest people all over the world, and even found out some new functions of Photoshop lol!

I remember how I got poorly 20-30 visits per day (visits from my friends + half of visits were mine surely XD), but then after Rosie (one of my sweetest and dearest internet friends ever ) began to promote it at Simscave, I started to get more visits, and even some comments :D So special thanks to this adorable person for what she did! Thanks to all people who update my blog at their forums :)

These days I started to get 4000-6000 visits per day, I don't know how many visits have famous creators, but for me that's incredibly a lot! :)
Thank you all so much, it's impossible to describe this feeling (not because my English is that poor, just because it's impossible :D) when I see my works are useful and enjoyable for people who may live in thousands kilometres away from my home, it feels so special and warm! It's great to feel yourself a part of something great and amazing..
But sadly I have no time at all for creating, I'm finishing my school on the May, but hardly remember when I did my homework last time. I coming home from extra-courses, sleep, create for sims, sleep, go to school and then everything begins again. I'm very sorry for delays with Calendar because I hate this feeling when people wait for you but you're super late, I'm sorry for disappointing you with 1 hair retexture for the whole gift, but I have no choice, finishing school is very important because then exams will begin, I have to pass them. And that's why I have to prefer learning history and geography rather then retexturing new Peggy's or Newsea's hair. *sight*

Well okay, message turns out not quick and short at all :D
Want to say big thank you for all your support and positive feelings, dear visitors. You're the best ^ ^



  1. I'd say thanks to YOU for all the time you spend creating stuff for us ^-^
    You deserve all these visits ♥

  2. Micky, thank you for such kind words! :$ <3

  3. I really appreciate all the hard work you put into your creations Kotangens! Thank you so much for the advent calendar! I love your stuff especially the hairs :D

  4. Kotangens, your creations are amazing. I know I was a bit weary of you in general after the whole GOS thing but, we're all human, we do things that we're not proud of, so to say you're not the best person isn't true. You're a great and beautiful person who makes amazing hair colors/textures, beautiful sims, and so on. I wish you the best in your sim creation and I hope that more people find your site to download all of your hard work :) And in real life as well :)

  5. Leslie, thank you so much :) <3

    Anonymous, thank you, dear. Your words are so touching, I wish you all the best too :)

  6. Hi bro, i'm frenchie (the reason why i don't speak english very well so...), just want to say : you doing a great work, tanks to give us it for our hapiness! continue like that! And happy new year! :)

  7. Thanks to you! for sharing all your work
    (by the way) it is fantastic (:

  8. @Anon: thank you :)) Happy New Year to you, too :)

    @Dizz: you're welcome :)


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