Sunday, January 22, 2012


Read, it's very important!

As I found out, some people think that site is dangerous because you may get viruses from it.

To be honest, I always check my download links, because sometimes mess them up. And I check my computer with anti-virus once per month. I use for 6 months and a long time before it I visited this site from another forum. I never got any problems with it and don't know anyone who did. So I'm very happy with this site.

But here you are some tips to be 100% safe with
1. Never click the bottom part of this site (adverts). Just wait 5 seconds and press "Skip the ad".
2. To be even safer while you use, install any adverts block plug-in for your Internet Browser :) Here's AdBlock (I use it for 4 years already, really awesome thing).
While you open, press on the advertisment frame (bottom part of the site), the with right click of mouse choose "Block the frame". Done! Now there's no danger with this site  ^ ^

I blocked the comments, if you're not happy with even when there are just 2 steps to be absolutely safe, then feel free to not visit this blog at all, that's all what I can say. If you like our downloads and trust us, then happy visiting and simming :)