Monday, January 16, 2012


Awh, I'm so excited! I finally found one awesome creator for Hypnotised Sims!
She creates clothes, edit meshes and she's just a great person, you will definitely like her! By the way she's from Saint-Petersburg just like me (though she moved to USA a lot of time ago lol).

Say "Hi" to MissSplean! :)

You will see her works today! ^ ^


  1. Hi MissSplean! :D Can't wait to see your works :)

  2. Hi,MissSplean! Good luck! =))

  3. Oh! This is so good! A person who makes edits meshes and clothes!
    MissSplean is very welcome!

  4. awww thank you guys so much! You make me very very happy!


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