Saturday, January 28, 2012

Newsea J079 Infinity Retextures + Alpha Edit

Sorry for making you waiting for this one! But here it is, NewSea "Infinity" :)

There is something special about this preview, it was made by MissTiikeri, one of the most adorable person I ever met at Sims Community. I will not bother you telling you how awesome is she and how I'm happy I met her, you just need to know that she will help me with previews sine now. If you enjoyed the previews, feel free to leave some nice comments to her, she will be glad to know it, I guess! Without her I don't know when I would upload this hairstyle, to be honest.

Thank you for your priceless help, MissT! ♥

• mesh by NewSea is included
• works for all ages
• 12 colours
• textures by Nouk, modified by me 
• alpha-edited (ends of hair are smoother)
• binned and familified

Retextures with Rose binned as "Black"
(7.33 MB)

 Retextures with Rose binned as "Red"
(7.33 MB)

Enjoy :)

Please, don't bother her with asking for models or where from 'this' or 'that'. There's a plenty of WCIF threads all over sims community, feel free to leave your questions there, not in comments. Thank you.


  1. MissTiikeri, nice to see your works here, hehe. Love your photos and models. Good luck for you ;)

  2. This is how I imagined my hair to be on a good day! Some day

  3. Наконец-то дождалась!!!))))

  4. This is beautiful, without doubt the best!
    What was edited?

  5. Glad you like the retextures :D

    @Clark, in details I mentioned what: ends of hair are smoother.

  6. The redhead Model is very cute!
    I like the hair, thank you!

  7. охрененные превьюхи)) пищу от восторга))
    я, конечно, не буду спрашивать, где взять таких девочек, просто восхищусь в очередной раз выбором моделей)) девоньки роскошные))
    про прическу даже сказать нечего, кроме как "дико круто")))
    Котик, спасибо!

  8. @Cindy, glad you like the hair :D

    @Анечка, спасибоньки! ) Превьюшки, и, соотвественно девочки, - дело рук MissTiikeri :)

  9. I always love MissTiikeri's preview on her blog and her posts from the colors and the backgrounds,and her previews in here are great too! Thanks MissT! =D
    I'm glad she helped you to upload this hair as well! Thank you for both of youu! ^o^

  10. Oh! I can download now! Thank you :)

  11. @ARH, yep, she makes awesome screens! And awh, glad you like the hair :)

    @Pixxie, that's great :) You're welcome!


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