Friday, January 27, 2012

Newsea YU096 Retextures

What's happening? :)

This preview is not usual since 3rd model disappeared in the game, so that's what I came up with! All up-coming hairs will be published soon, one awesome (I'll never be tired to repeat it! lol) person is helping me with previews now, you will find out everything tomorrow!


• mesh by Newsea is included
• works for all ages
• 12 colours
• textures by Nouk, modified by me 
• binned and familified


Retextures with Rose binned as "Black"
(7.22 MB)

 Retextures with Rose binned as "Red"
( 7.22 MB)

Thanks to Miss Splean and Helena for lovely models :)


  1. Irina took a break, she was doing so many photoshoots :P

    lol, the hair is awesome Kotangens!
    My Madelyn looks lovely as ever :D

  2. Бесподобно!Очень нравится прическа.Текстуры ,цвета,скрины-вообще все на высоте!

  3. @Clark, lol! Irina worked for at that time, she had to decide where to pose and since she wanted to try to work for some new places, she didn't participate in this photoset! haha :))

    @MissSplean, Irina will take a break soon, probably :D
    Thank you, but I remember you don't like this hairstyle lol! Yep, Madelyn is cutie, hope you slapped your sister for calling her retarded! haha

    @Алиса, спасибо, рад, что понравилось :)

  4. Loving your work. I've seen that eyeliner the brown-haired simmie is wearing in so many places, but I can't find it myself :( Mind sharing the link or creator please?

  5. @Jasmine, thank you. It's by Nabila, I guess.

  6. Yes Madelyn is wearing Nabila's eyeliner! :)

  7. OMG,finally,after I couldn't online for a week,you surprised me with a bunch of lovely hairs!!!! This is awesome!! I'm so excited! x3
    Thanks a million,Kotangens!!! You're rock,love youuu..!! xDD

  8. Thanks MissSplean! She's lovely by the way :)

  9. @ARH, aww thanks so much :) Glad it was a nice surprise for you :D


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