Thursday, January 5, 2012

PeggyZone Fh SG Jan' 12 Retextures - Unnaturals

So as I already wrote, everything just begins ;)
MOAR HAIRS TO SHARE! om nom nom nom nom

PeggyZone Fh SG Jan' 12 Retextures - Unnaturals

• mesh by PeggyZone is included
• works for all ages
• 18 colours
• textures by Nouk, modified by me 
• colour actions by Pooklet 
• not binned or familified 

Natural retextures are here.

Credit for colour actions goes to Pooklet.
There's a mix of 2 sets of her neon colour actions.

(10.47 MB)

Thanks to MissTiikeri, Mouseyblue and Libertine for lovely models! :)


  1. since i quite the sims about 5 months ago because some of the hairs doesn't work but I still watch your blog ,when I open it and see what is new ,it make me feel like I want to return to the sims2 world again , thanks kotangens

  2. Kontangens you are supreme. Oh I have a question, are the advent presents limited time downloads or will they always be up for download?
    Keep posting, I'm downloading it all!

  3. Kotangens* My bad, sorry! Should've double checked my comment...

  4. @Neko: I didn't get, you left Sims 2 because of some hairs? Could not you just delete them and continue to play? And awwh, thank you for kind words :)

    @Anon: that's okay :) And thank you! Sure, they will be available all the time, I just need to think where can I place Advent Calendar banner :)

  5. Thanks a lot for all your gifts !
    Your work is AMAZING !!!
    Thanks for sharing here (and sorry for my bad English). You rock =)

  6. @Joanna: Thank you for such kind words :,) <3

  7. Where'd you get that black lip ring on your blue haired sim, please?
    I love the blue hair, so outstanding.

  8. @Anon: This sim is by Mouseyblue, I didn't download it particularly and call help you. But probably it's by Mousey herself, iif yes, then she uploaded some rings at GoS, check her message history.

  9. If not you, then i'll be stuck with sims 3 but damn it I just can't get rid of my sims 2, these cc which u uploading is such a masterpieces!!! I can see how your blog is still growing and growing..well it's almost ONE MILLION viewers! The right thing is, that your blog is the most popular in sims community, because i know like every blog and there's nothing compare to yours!I wish that you will never stop creating:)

  10. @Taylor: thank you so much aw! haha it's not most popular, there are lots of more talented creators! But thank you very much for such kind comment, it made my day! <3

  11. Wow that blue color is gorgeous!! I love these thank you so much!!

  12. спасибо,спасибо,спасибо:)Очень.

  13. Do the unnatural hair go into the red hair section?

    1. No, they are unbinned. So you can find them at the last section (marked as *).


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