Sunday, January 22, 2012

Viva Glam Lipsticks Set

I decided to surprise you with some lipsticks! It's my 2nd attempt to create such thingie, hope I didn't fail that much.

The set contains 15 different colours of lipstick called "Viva Glam". Different colours match different skintones. Some of colours may look naturally, but some of them will make your sim look posh and sexay! haha

Credits to Mouseyblue for alpha and for black line between lips, to Io for her kind help with recolouring lipsticks!

And thanks to Ash for her lovely model :)
(937.98 KB)
 Have a nice beginning of the week!


  1. First when I entered your url i thought 'yaaayyy new hair' lol but it was weird,because in the right side hair you already uploaded here. So when I saw lipsticks I was more happier, because they are soooo beautiful <3

  2. I can always use more lipsticks in my game! I can't wait for the short hair you retextured :)

  3. Oh these lips are so beautiful Kotangens! Thank you for sharing!

  4. Thank you aw!

    I'm especially glad you like it, I worried nobody will download these lipsticks, I'm far not a pro at creating ones >_>

  5. Леронька, спасибо :D

  6. I said I already had enough lipcolors but here u go n upload these lol but thx n btw..where did u get the eyebrows for the brown haired sim?

  7. Where I can download Irina's eyes?
    They are incredible.

  8. where can I find irina's eyes Kot'? plz&ty.
    nice colors, btw.

  9. I love these colors. They really POP

  10. @jcthafinest, thank you :) Ahm, this sim is not mine, it's by Ash, so probably brows are part of skintone.

    @Clark and Anon, from Mouseyblue.

    @Bunni, thank you! :)

  11. mind giving link to eyes plz&thx? cannot find boo

  12. Mousey has tons of awesome content, look there


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