Saturday, February 25, 2012

1.000.000 hit!

Mother of GOD! >1.000.000!

Seriously? Oh god :OOO

♥♥♥ Thank you all so much! ♥♥♥
MissSplean and Kotangens are so happy right now! :{D

I won't write big message again, you know already that I could not even imagine how popular this small blog will be among simmers :,)

Thank you for all your support, comments and visits!

All the gifts will be soon, MissSplean is very busy with real life now and I want to post everything in the same time, but be sure, you will be super excited with them hehe :)

Hugs to all of you!


  1. I saw your 1.000.000 views this morning (French morning, when it was ~11 a.m. :B).
    So, congratulations, and good luck for the continuation. :3

  2. Congratulations Kotangens!!!

  3. Congratulations, you deserve it !!

  4. Congrats! Coming Soon is 2.000.000 hits! I hope! :)

  5. Поздравляю) Молодцы!

  6. Congrats, I'm very happy for you :)

  7. Congratulation :D!

    I have created my blog to share some of my retexture but also to thank my favourite creator of their amazing downloads ^_^!

    So I hope you'll continue to share your creations with us!

    Lot of love, Keana.


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