Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Jean, model by Miss Splean

I wanted to bring some Gothic, Punk Female Sims to Hypnotized Sims.
Here is the first of a few to come:
Her name is Jean Blackthorn.

Now for the credits:
The tattoo that I edited onto this skintone is by NecessaryNori
The new skintone is by me.
The lips are by Tifa, and are not included.
The green tank & shorts outfit is not included.
The black tank is mine.
The hair is by Kotangens (Here)
A lot of the make-up is from random sims around the sims community.
The Eyebrows and eyes are by MouseyBlue I believe.
And I uploaded the content list for detailed information.

Jean is packaged with maxis shirt and Sentate pond skirt & a word document with my policy.
(She comes just like you see her, just minus the lipstick and clothing.)
I really hope you guys like her!

Custom Content List
 (5.28 MB)


  1. She's very pretty! :))))
    Thank you so much!

  2. Sorry MissSplean, where did you get those pretty shorts? thanks,Jane is so beautifull!

    1. The shorts are from http://modainside.com/
      I actually made the outfit itself, I just used the shorts from one of her outfits. I am sorry though, it is not for download.
      And thank you so much for the comment, I am happy you like Jean.

    2. MissSplean where'd you get the tattoo's?

    3. I wrote that above in the credits
      "The tattoo that I edited onto this skintone is by NecessaryNori"
      if you go up and click on the name, it will redirect you to the original skintone.

  3. Hola MissSplean, podría ser bueno si se puede hacer de este pantalones cortos para los sims 2 http://images.thesimsresource.netdna-cdn.com/2015/2015992.png

  4. I don't really like the Gothic's style, but the sims is a true beauty, I love her eyebrows it fit great with her eyes that makes her look a "feline".

  5. Yup!!! could u please do this http://images.thesimsresource.netdna-cdn.com/2015/2015992.png for sims2? <3

  6. the link doesn't work anymore D: but she's so beautiful!

  7. The link is dead. Do you have a new one for her?

  8. not possible to download... :(

  9. El link esta caído. Podrías resubirlo? :c

  10. Thank you so much! I'm so happy! >.< Thx!! :Đ


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