Sunday, February 5, 2012


Good day, Hypnotizers!*

I guess most of you know what Tumblr is.

Both of us, Kotangens and MissSplean, have such blogs. We usually post sims-related stuff there, but from time to time we may share our own thoughts as well.

And me and MissSplean follow everyone back (even if yours one is far from sims theme) since we believe all blogs are unique and worth to see :)
By the way, you may find a special Tumblr giftie for hit 200 followers at Kotangens' blog hehe.

We're always ready to talk to you there, let's have fun together :3


*I just came up with idea of calling our visitors "Hypnotizers"! Doesn't it sound cute? Doesn't it? :D

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