Sunday, May 27, 2012

I'd Like to Say Thank You...

Hello again, everyone. It's Splean :)
I was going to update tomorrow, but I couldn't wait any longer!
I've brought a gift! This is Molly Albright.

I wasn't planning on sharing Molly at all. But lately I have been given so much love 
from a lot of you that I wanted to share something special with everyone. 
I am especially fond of this sim, Molly. I play with her a lot in my game and 
I didn't intend to share her, ever.
The past few months I felt like no one liked my creations and didn't even like me. 
Befriending Kotangens really gained me some haters. But since I joined this site with him, 
I came to realize how many people actually do like me, and are wanting to be friend. 
And that is the greatest feeling in the world. Before I joined this site, I felt so alone 
and I felt that no one even knew I existed.
So before I write a short story, I'd just like to say thank you for 
everyone who has supported me and downloaded my creations and 
gave me some great feedback!
I love you all! Especially Kotangens, you are so great to me! 
You are like a brother!

So here is another picture of my sweet, crazy Molly...

 And she does throw fits a lot. I hope she won't do it in your game! 

And now for some credits.

The Pink Sweater and Jean skirt is by Sentate
The Bottoms is a new mesh conversion by me
The Hair is from Femme Fatale!
The eyes, make-up and skintone are by MouseyBlue!
And Molly is packaged with a picture of what is included with her in the download.
And please, install her into your game using Clean Installer.





  1. Thank you she looks amazing!

    1. Well you're welcome! And thank you for the compliment! :)

  2. She's very pretty, I love her big eyes they gives her a stare very touching!
    Thank you very much to sharing her with us, it's really kind! Thank thank!

  3. She's stunning! Love your style of creating, you rock <3

  4. P.s just finished read your short text about Molly and you're so kind and sweet and about ''haterz'' I can bet it was this one and only desperate human who was trolling, we love ya Splean <3

    1. Awe, well thank you for reading! Yes, I bet it was just one ugly troll.
      You are so sweet too! :3

  5. thank you splean for sharing your creation, i like skirt and shoes, the eyes and lip, great job, congrats

  6. Such a incredibly pretty girl! *O*
    Really adore her, thank you for sharing such cutie with us :{D

    And your words are really sweet and touching. You deserve all the kind words, don't even doubt!

    Love you ♥

  7. Thanks for sharing. I love her face. She is beautiful. Your creations are always great, lamy.

  8. а по-моему, она просто переделанная Жасмин от mouseyblue

  9. У кого что болит, Анон :) Сплин делает своих симов сама от начала и до конца, до переделки чужих никто не опускается. И иногда лучше промолчать, умнее казаться будешь.

  10. I'm a bit late ahah, but thank you so much for this sim and all of your creations, they're amazing! <3


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