Sunday, May 13, 2012

No more Pooklet's colours (probably).

Hello there!

It's Kotangens.
And I wanted to tell you guys that I will slowly stop doing Pooklet's colours because of reasons.. They take a lot of time, I would do 2x more hairs if I did only my own + Nouk's colours, instead of 18 additional Pooklet's.
But I would be unbelievably thankful if somebody who knows how to use Photoshop and Bodyshop decided to volunteer and do Pooklet's colours for me by himself. I could post them here or you could post them anywhere at your own place. The system is easy as hell - I send you Volatile version of textured by me hair and you just do other Pooklet's colours :)
If you want to try - contact me here via comments or drop a message to

Take care ♥

And here it comes a photo of Lina to make this post not so boring.

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