Friday, May 4, 2012

Some news.

Hello everybody! I missed you and the whole Sims 2 so much <3

To cut it short:
- I got a virus and only 2 days ago found out how to clean it out
- According to my clever brother, there are still invalid files which can not be fixed and I have to re-install the Windows.
- Today I will finally try to re-install it, and it goes without saying that all the games and programs will be deleted and I will have to re-install them as well.
-  Aimee aka MissSplean is in a hospital at the moment with a very serious illness, it would be awesome if you guys could pray for her and wish her get well. We love you, Spleanie!

That's all for today. I feel so sorry for not updating the site, but you see, it's totally not because I'm lazy or don't want to..

Have a great weekend,


  1. I hope she gets well ):

    1. You can't imagine how much I do. Spleanie allowed me to tell about her illness, but I still don't think I should tell it's calling.
      All I can say that it's really seriously and she's a real hero for continuing keeping strong ♥
      I believe she will definitely get well, it just a matter of time.

  2. Good luck to you, Kotengans. And I hope for Slean she will get better, I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

  3. Good luck to you, Kotangens! I hope you can reistall everything! I'm praying for you and for Spleanie!
    Tell her that I wanted to send her a teddy bear written "get well soon"
    Kotangens and Splaine, I love you /not! You're awsome!
    I'm keeping my fingers crossed +1

  4. Thank you for the news, Kot. Splean is in my thoughts. I know what it is to reinstall Windows and all programs etc. It takes some time ! Keep in touch, OK ?

  5. The thing with your PC is annoying but it is the way it is I had to reinstall Windows just 3 weeks ago too -.- Just try to feel as if you got a new PC it helps me a lot over frustration :D
    I hope for MissSplean that she gets well soon sounds really serious :/

  6. Lots of love for the both of you, and hope you are back soon <3

  7. I hope she get well soon, she have to stay strong!


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