Thursday, June 7, 2012

Wendigo's Galaxy Dresses with Sandals!

Hello All! 
It is Miss Splean, and I come with new dresses!

The Dress Mesh is originally by Sentate. I did a shoe swap from Wedges to Gladiator Sandals!
But the mesh included in the download is new, by me.
The Galaxy Texture is from the Amazing Wendigo
They have allowed me to do the Shoe Swap and share with you all!
Wendigo originally made this dress with Sentate's black wedge shoes, and gray stockings.
And you can find their Galaxy Dresses with the black Wedges here
I also want to give Wendigo the credit for the picture with the different textures.
I had no time to make my own, so I grabbed the photo they left in their .rar file. 
I hope you all enjoy! And go grab Wendigo's dress too!




  1. Very pretty dress. Casual as in real life. Thanks for sharing, lamy.

  2. Wow! what an awesome surprise, Spleanie! :{D

    Though I'm not a huge fan of gladiator sandals, these dresses are really pretty :)
    Thank you and Wendigo! ♥

    1. Yes I loved Wendigos texture! :D Thank you! :3

  3. Hey, are you taking requests, Spleanie? :D There's not much boots and oxfords for sims I wish you could do some separates bottoms and tops from pictures, if it's okay:) And if it's not, that's okay because I love all of your works:)

    1. I can try, whatever you request, but I am not really that great at creating textures from a picture. But I can do different body meshes, like shoe swaps, they are the easiest. And I can always use Trappings oxford shoes, and you could give me examples of boots you'd like, or boots on another mesh and I could always do shoe swaps.
      And thank you for that lovely compliment! That is why I love making things, because people like you let me know you like my works! XD
      Let me know, give me some pictures of your ideas!

  4. Oh thank you for accepting to try this! Just question how many pictures? (I mean links) because there's pictures in all degrees :D Because I don't wanna spam too much just how many you could do?:) And one more question where to send these links? here or to your email?:)

  5. Send me the information to my email. it is :)

  6. Love it so much! You are really great, Splean/keep it up!

  7. Love galaxy clothes :'D

  8. детка, ты просто космос

  9. Why the model looks like Lena Headey? :DD


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