Monday, July 30, 2012


Hey there :) 
Writing here you very quickly, because I have to go in thirty minutes, but I didn't even eat anything for the whole day >_<

So. 1st of all, it's me - Kotangens. Splean decided to stop creating for a while, she needs a rest.

2nd - I found a job. I'm call opearator, calling to people and suggest to switch their Internet, TV and phone provider (I know that many of you, Hypnotizers, hate such people. Actually, almost everybody does >___> XD). Some workers can't make anything for almost 3 weeks (and decide to leave the job), but proud to say that for 5 full-working days I already made ~6 contracts, it' really great for the newbie hehe! ^ ^ I enjoy this work so much, we laugh all the day with co-workers and I get paid really, really well! I leave my home at 3 pm and come home at 11 pm. Though I enjoy this work, it's still exhausting and I don't feel like I can create for sims after it. But I hope I will figure out how I can mix my 1st job ever and sims, don't worry! :D

That's all I wanted to say! Oh noes, one more thingie.
I check my mail every day and saw some people want to help me with Pooklet's colours, wow! And also I saw requests! ^__^ I'm sorry for not replying, as I said, I'm too tired for it and prefer laying on the bed instead of typing, sorry! XD I'm very thankful for your suggestions and mails, will write you all back soon!

Have all a great day! (and wish me good luck with my job hehe)
xoxo ♥


  1. Привет. Ты большой молодец, в 17 лет, а уже работаешь) Не многие в твоем возрасте могут этим похвастаться. Раз тебя в скайпе нет, скажу здесь) Я очень жду твоих апдейтов. Не из за того, чтобы ты написал мое имя, а просто чтобы скачать именно твоих цветов, не пуклетовских. Знаешь, я соскучился по твоим обычным цветам. Пуклет пуклетом, а другие цвета никто не отменял)) Очень жду новых апдейтов, и причесок для пуклетинга. *кстати, я сменил домен моего жж*

  2. Good luck with your new job. =D
    I hope everything is well with Splean.

    1. Awe, I'm fine. I just really needed a break from sims. I'm a perfectionist and sometimes I just get so frustrated when I make things. Thank you for caring! <3 ~

  3. Hey Kotangens would you be able to share your retexture swatch thingys with us so we can use them to make hairs for our personal use since you will be busy? I would like more male hairs in my game but I only like your retextures. It's absolutely okay if you don't wish to. :3

    1. I want something like that, but to do recolours for Hypnotized Sims, ie I would share them and help Kotangens with the site, but he does not answer whether it accepts.

  4. i would also like to throw my hat in the ring to help with pooklet or even nouk if needed(i would need textures for nouk tho)


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