Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Upcoming hair map.

Hey there!
You can see, I made pretty a lot of hairs! And the reason why I don't upload them is not because I want to make you wait! The reason is - I made 3-4 colours to take photos. And now I need to finish other colours, then I can upload hairs for you :D

Look, I made such a funny hair map, coloured ones are already uploaded and black&white ones are "coming-up"!

In comment section of this post you can tell me which hairs you'd like to get first and I'll hurry up with those ones :) If not, I'll do everything on my own.

xx Kotangens


  1. Morrison and Thorn Birds, please :o)

  2. The long ponytail from skysims is so pretty! *_*

  3. SkySims fhair022 Retexture, please.

  4. the long ponytail please!! thank you for your beautiful creations anyway!!


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