Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Hello dear guests!

I have to say that I doubt there will be advent calendar this year. I decided I should prepare to my exams rather that create content. All in all, I don't think many people would be disappointed.
I've posted so much content last weeks as never before, even if I actually should be busy with University stuff, but all I get is 3-4 comments in sum, 50% of which are "where can I find this?".

I don't know what to do. Last night I thought a lot about this situation and made up my mind that being creator is not that grateful job, at least for me. I'd understand if that happened year ago, when I had lots of drama. But for last months you could see me nowhere but only at my own blog or tumblr, making content for you.

I am not ranting and not going to ask you for comments, because doing this is a total bullshit, that's not what a creator should do, is it?
I don't want to clarify the situation. I'm tired. And see no reason to spend my time and put my efforts in something which is interesting for nobody but me and a couple of other people.
That's all a bit depressing for me.

I am going to upload some hairs I've already created soon and then I'll stop.

Hypnotized Sims was one of my brightest projects, it was one of the most important experiences in my life, for sure.
The Sims helped me to meet many amazing friends, to communicate with people from ALL OVER THE WORLD, to learn how to state my own opinion, to improve my English skills (a lot!) and lots of other things. The memories are breathtaking and will always make my heart beat faster.
God bless the creators of this wonderful game and all the creators of forums like SimsCave, GoS, BPS and many others which help simmers to meet each others

I made a lot of noise in the community, but I always could accept my mistakes and ask for apologies. However, I have offended some nice people earlier and that's making me feel bad and embarrassed. If you're one of them, please accept my sincere apologies for my misbehaviour, I'm truly very sorry.
Hoping that my words will be kindly accepted.

That's not my last word, I'll write some more before finally closing of the blog.

See you later,
Ildar aka Kotangens.