Thursday, December 20, 2012



It's already 20th, oh gosh!
I thought I would post all the missing content, but with no luck.  I'm all in exams right now. I already had two - Sociology and History ones. Sociology one is 5 out of 5! Next one is 4 out of 5 but that's even better than 5 for Sociology, since I know nothing about world's history (dumb me). So you see, I'm excited about my first exams' grades!!! ^___^
I still have two exams - first one on 22nd, last one gonna be on 27th December.

I swear I miss Sims 2 and miss all of you and I tried my best to not fail with Calendar, but I must prepare for exams, hope you understand me.

So, I decided I'd stop the December "Advent Calendar"...
and make the "January" one!!!

I know, that won't be an Advent Calendar, but still something. I will upload one gift per day throughout the whole January.

I hope that's fine? Anyways, I feel super sorry, like really-really sorry for failing my A.C. :(

However, I prepared some goodies and will post them later this week. A bunch of hairs and some clothing :)


  1. I totally understand you situation. :) Your future, your life, your path is far more important than making hairs. ;) And so, it is -absolutely- fine with me that you made the decision that you did. Life works in mysterious ways--and sometimes not always the way you wish it to work--and I hope that is something everyone here will understand and respect. :)

    To me, personally, I am happy by just seeing you around, alive, talking, and seeing your talent in re-texturing hairs blooming before my eyes. :) It is something beautiful that I hope will never stop. Keep on running, keeping looking ever onward, keep living. I'll be here cheering you on every step of the way, dear friend! ^-^

  2. Sounds great! Thank you Kotagens you're the best! Can't wait!

  3. Kotangens!! Glad to see that you're well. I was checking this site every single day and kept seeing the "Ho-Ho-Ho" post. I like seeing your updates, even if it's not custom content. LOL However, your exams are way more important than uploading Sims 2 content. Our patience will be rewarded with goodies so that's not an issue. Don't stress yourself out with this Sims 2 stuff. Focus on your exams and we will still be here. <3

    You should post a picture of yourself in one of your posts.


  4. Take your time, Kotangens. Just glad you are still around. :)

    Thank you for your wonderful and witty posts and good luck on your remaining exams.

  5. Take your time, Kotangens. Just glad to see you're still around.

    Thank you for your wonderful witty posts and good luck on your remaining exams.


  6. Can't wait! :) It's understandable, and don't stress about Sims 2, focus on your tests ^^ They're more important right now, and I hope you do well :D Excited for January, and the weeks to come. Good luck on your tests!!!!

  7. Don't worry Kot :) School's way more important than the digital world and as I always say: People who really love you and your creations will always wait patiently and will understand your priorities...and I'm one of those people ;) Just take your time.

  8. It´s better, that you focus on school, because it´s more important than website. But it´s good idea to do January calender! Waiting for that (.

  9. Good luck for your exam, it's more important.
    Bikette !

  10. Totally understood, take the time you need. Exams are far more important now, you good luck in them! (:

  11. Good luck with the rest of your exams! And I very much look forward to your advent in January :)


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