Saturday, January 5, 2013

Happy New Year! ^ ^

Hello, my dears!!! :)
And Happy 2013 Year! ♥

Sorry for being late, was busy with family stuff and work. I finally left my work, yay! I worked on 1st January since 7 am till 9 pm. Isn't it great? XD It was fun, for sure. But I decided I'd better leave that place and find something less stressful (I was a waiter).

About sims, I still do remember about January Calendar gifts! And since it's 5th-already 6th, you'll get loads of gifts in one day, be prepared! hehe

In comments you are welcome to tell me and others how did you spent your Christmas and New Year and maybe what gifts did you get :3 I got a Tablet Computer. Though I don't really need it since I'm totally ok with my mobile phone and PC, lol.

*flies away to prepare the Calendar*


  1. I wish you a Happy New Year as well =)
    As a Christmas present I got a City Trip with my mom :-)

    I'm curious about the calendar!

    Best wishes, Annika

  2. YUUUP! i'm so happy with this notice! thanks!

  3. Happy New Year to you, too! :)
    Your work sounds like far too much stress in my opinion! I hope your next one will be better!
    Hehe, I wouldn't really need a Tablet Computer either. I'm also ok with my PC. Good then that I got a beautiful ring and a new TV for Christmas xD And loads of sweets of course ^^
    New Year was quite interesting here. My sister-in-law and I had the idea of putting on costumes on New Year's Eve. It was great fun I can tell! But as we were the only ones to do so it was also a bit embarrassing but who does really care? xD
    Hope you also had a great start into 2013...ignoring your hard job of course ^^

  4. happy new year to you too

  5. Wheeeeeeeeee I am so happy you are back :) Your christmas sounds delightful ^_^ I spent christmas with my mum alone and over silvester my best friend from Switzerland came to visit :) Was nice and very funny :D

  6. Happy 2013!!! ^^ Can't wait for that "one day" :DDD Totally excited! I got an Iphone 4 for Christmas ^_^ So happy!

  7. Kotangens!!! It's great to see that you're alive and well ❤.

    I always told myself how I could never be a waiter. It's too stressful, I'd rather be homeless. LOL

    My Christmas was great, I ate so much I literally thought I would explode. AND I cooked a bit for the first time.

    I also got a few small and meaningful gifts. A pair of Bebe earrings, a Sims 3 stuff pack, beauty products, and a $50 Forever 21 gift card. Great huh? :D


  8. 7am-9pm!? Wow, such a long day! Can't wait for the calendar stuff! I saw something on your and Emilia-sims tumblrs and know it will all be amazing.

  9. I had an all right Christmas, just me and my parents. I mainly got clothes :P You're so lucky to get a tablet! Sorry you had to work New Year's

  10. happy new years:) glad your christmas was great mine was bleah lol:P


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