Saturday, February 2, 2013

what's coming up


Let's face it - I'm the worst host of "Advent Calendar" >_>
I hate myself for failing it and was wondering, how could I nailed it last year? And then I understood - I did bodyshop previews :D They're simple, but not as awesome as ingame ones :(

Sometimes I retexture up to 8 hairs per day (did 13 last Sunday), but I always have no time for making previews. Loading game, family and lot takes usually almost 3 hours, and that's a lot, especially for a busy student U_U

Soon I will publish my project list (finished hairs) and during this weekend I will upload all the hairs and clothes I did.

And also I'm going to upload my own hair mesh which I created long time ago :))

upd.: There are some of my files which were deleted from Mediafire, including my famous "Sexy sweaters". So good news, I just found archives on my computer! Gonna re-upload them :)

And for all those people who ever asked me to show a photo of myself, here it is - under cut.


Hello again :D I'm on the right!
My name is Ildar (not Kotangens, lol) and I will be 18 y.o. on 8th February.

No, I'm not a girl! I see from time to time comments about me as girl, like "she", "her" etc.
You know, there are actually a lot of male creators, so please, accept it >_>

More about photo, it's my awesome school friend on the left and it was a day when we tried to pass in the most famous St.-Petersburg university. The thing behind us is a Rostral column, btw.
The day was rainy and we met a weird woman covering her head with a package XD

That's all. And now I'm loading my Bodyshop to make a project-list :)


  1. Лучше поздно, чем никогда)) Иметь реальную жизнь и не находить иногда времени для симс - это нормально. Ты просто такой же живой человек, как и все. Творческих успехов и побольше свободного времени тебе!
    P.S. фотка классная :)

  2. I'm glad to see you alive. I do Nouk retextures too. But if it is a problem, your can tell.

  3. I'm glad to read news from you as I already thought something happened again o.o I was quite worried!
    But you shouldn't speak so badly of yourself. I can understand very well that it's unnerving and so on to load Sims 2, Neighbourhood and takes about one hour and a half for me, too, so I always think twice whether I want to play or not. So I just want to let you know that I'd also be happy enough with Bodyshop pictures if it's better for you (which I'm quite sure it is as you're a busy student after all). And I'm very much looking forward to your list and to all your uploads. but as always: take your time ^^
    ps: nice pic of you and your friend :)

  4. Holy COW!!!!!! Your game takes 3 hours to load?!?!?!?! I have a buuuunch of custom content and mine only takes 15 mins! (seriously I have over 50,000 downloads). Kotagens -- Ildar ;) -- you don't need to make in game previews. We are happy with Bodyshop previews and they'll just look even better in the game! :) Don't feel stressed about this, Sims is supposed to be fun and it is for people with free time :) If you don't have much free time, that's fine! Do what you feel like and we'll be appreciative and happy.

  5. Awh, so cute, and so young! You are so talented, and I'm very grateful for your uploads, not many good sims2 sites left. Don't think so much about the pictures, they are lovely, but we come her for the quality of your downloads ^^

  6. Ildar... what a beautiful name. I already knew that you are a boy. It's so nice that we have male creators. I just can't name more than a few. They, including you, create content more carefully than many female creators. You and I, we are almost same aged by the way so it's hard to realize how talented can a human being be! I meant every word. You don't need to please us either. Many of the followers know what it's like to be a busy student. In fact I'm at the very moment. So doesn't matter how often you upload. We support you anyways :)

    I also knew that you are Russian. I'm from Finland, you see, and I'm studying Russian at high-school. I'm very interested in your country and I'd love to visit it some day. I dream about those beautiful cities that I've been only able to see in pictures. St. Petersburg and Moscow are especially interesting :> I even made an digital excursion about Herimitage at school. That was awesome!

    But I hope that you'll keep creating and keeping us excited. You know, I'm all the time excited because every time I log onto Blogger I just wish that you have posted something :)

    Btw, I'm former anonymous "me-kun", if you remember, and now since I founded my new blog my new nick has been Drägonflai. You can use either one :)

  7. oh I always think you are a girl, hahaha and I just know you younger than me! ><
    you look so great and really talented. I think I would like you more and more :D

  8. It's nice to hear than everything is fine, and you are just too busy to update your calender. :) I understand than the exams and real life is taking time, and don't expect you to be here every day creating and uploading new things. That wouldn't be normal. And about your game, mine takes also about 35 minutes to load the start menu + 10 minutes to get to family lot. So I can truly imagine how frustrated you are, waiting so long time to get "in action"...

    It's also surprising and nice to know that you are a guy creator, because like Drägonflai said, they usually put more effort on doing new content, and I really see that in your uploads. Thank you for doing them to us!
    I patiently wait for your new updates. :)

  9. You're 17?! Aw, you're a baby, and so cute ^_^ .. with so much talent. Thanks for sharing the picture! How do you pronounce your name? And how did the name Kotangens come about? :)

    And what thee hieeelll? (What The Hell/Heck?) 3 hours to load, that is so long, omgosh. Sorry about that. I personally get anxious when you don't post for a while. Not just content, updates about what's going on, etc.

    Glad to see you well. :)


  10. 17? Holy crap you are a GENIUS! O.O I am 20 and I'd totally FAIL at making stuff for Sims 2... geez... now I am baffled :D

  11. Спасибо большое за всё кот:3 мы все очень ценим всё, что ты делаешь))) неужели у тебя тоже день рождения 8 февраля??) у меня 8, хохо


  13. Omgosh, I just now clicked on the links to the photos (not knowing that they were clickable) and must say that your city looks so beautiful. I must go there one day.

  14. You did an amazing job with all this hairstyles ! Wah ! Thank you very very much : D


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