Monday, June 3, 2013

Fixed links!

 Thanks to Alchenaed and Lynn for help! ♥

The list of fixed download links!
If you still find any broken link, please, let me know in comments to this post about it!

And here's a list of hairs I still need:
Newsea J127f - elders
 Cazy 65 Bynes 3to2 Retextures - elders
Skysims Fh075 Retextures - elders
ButterflySims Fh#52 Retextures - elders

Newsea J131f Retextures - elders
 Newsea YU142f Retextures + Alpha Edit - elders

If you can help with these files, that would be really appreciated! ♥


  1. Thanks for the links. Also, Newsea J147f has a broken link.

  2. Gift#23 - ButterflySims Fh#52 Retextures

    битая ссылочка, а так жаль...

  3. thanks for the links,but unfortunately they are still all broken:(

  4. Gift#1 - Cazy 65 Bynes 3to2 Retextures ; Gift#5 - Newsea J125f Retextures ; Gift#7 - Cazy Fh82 Emma 3to2 Retextures are broken

  5. All of them are broken... i think...

  6. Any of them doesn't seem to work: "The domain may be for sale. Click here for details."
    But these retextures are great, could you please post them on for example?

  7. Newsea J130M broken link :(


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