Saturday, June 8, 2013

Week of constant updates!

Hello, dears! :)

I still feel really sorry about my failed Advent Calendar, so I decided to make the Week of Constant Updates, let's call it WoCU (because in future I'm gonna do more such weeks) :D

What is WoCU?
Well, during the whole week this blog will be daily updated with one or several posts per day. 

What's gonna be published?
Absolutely anything, from hairs to clothing. But since I'm more into hair retexturing, it's gonna me mostly hairs :)

The WoCU #1 will be started this Sunday, 9th June and finished Sunday, 16th June.
You will get set of realistic eyes, 12 natural hair retextures and set of pastel pink hair retextures :) So in sum, that's gonna be 2 posts per day.

Official time of updates: 12 am (GMT).


On the other side, I passed all my exams and now Dobby if free! lol
I replied to most of the comments, especially there! And would like to talk to you again, so feel free to say "Hi" here in comments :3

Also, I'm going to get my... plastic surgery on the next week! It's a rhinoplasty, however I don't even worry, is it alright? haha

And I saw a secret dedicated to me. I'm kinda surprised about Anon downloading my content and feeling gross about it. What that awful I've ever done to make you feel this way? I agree I made some drama in past (a year or two ago, omg), but I asked for apologize like tons of times already and though that the case is closed. You can freely go anon and tell me your problem in the comment section.

That's all for today, now I'm going to prepare my gifts for the WoCU! :D ♥

And you can take a look at previous updates! :)

Much love,


  1. Oh my, it'll be amazing week. *_* I hope you will upload a few of retextures showed on your tumblr, because I want them so much. *_*
    thank you for your work. *hugs*

    1. Awh glad you like the idea :D
      Yes, 3 latest "coming-soon" hairs will be definitely released in the nearest days of the WoCU #1 :)) ♥

  2. OHHHHHH YES :D :D can't wait for the pastel hairs!!! and congrats on passing all your exams! I love love love that curly hair, your simmie looks so so pretty with it <3 <3 <3 btw did you use a filter on the photos? I love it! xoxo Ronnie

    1. Hiii Ronnie! <3 Thank you!
      I will post them as soon as possible >:D
      Filter is available here :))

  3. estoy esperando esa semana!!!! jajaja

  4. I'm glad your officially back and passed your exams!! Is it too good to be true? :3

    1. Awwh! Thank you :)) I don't know, is it? :D

  5. Hello ! And thank you sooo much ! I love all of these hairs and thanks for doing this :) It's good idea and I would want to see more your clothes, what you've done ! :)
    I'm happy for you that your exams are over an I wish all good for you !!

    1. Thank you so much! :)
      Unfortunately I didn't prepare any clothes for this week, but will try to do something in future :)


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