Saturday, January 1, 2011

Fat Tasteful Set Of Gifts! :D Happy New Year! ^^


Want to congratulate you with New 2011 Year! Wish you all the best! Lots of love, health, care, luck, happiness and everything else :)
Hypnotizes Sims was launched just 3 months ago, but we already have over 14 000 views, over 500 downloads, sim-gamers know us and, I hope, love us :D I want to believe, that in this new year HS will bring you much more happiness and joy than in last! :)

Sorry for such late update, I had lots of problems with school and couldn't create, but now holidays started and I have loads of free time *O*!

I want to say big thanks for all creators, who continuing making content for our lovely Sims 2 :)
Then I want to say thanks for all people, who shared their gorgeous models with me, because that's such a pleasure to work with them! :))) Sorry if your model didn't show herself on any picture for HS, they definitely will ^^
Special thanks for everybody who supports Hypnotized Sims!

We love you! ♥♥♥

Would like to write more text, but whatever.. nobody will read it.. :DDD

OKAY! Let's start with gifts!!!

First one is a choker!
SS is a sign of my lovely group @
SS means 'Sexy Sims'. I believe it looks cool :DDD
Mesh by Aikea Guinea is included.

model - Alexandra by Kotangens

The next my gift for you is a set of 3 juice packs!
Фруто НЯНЯ is a Russian brand, they make juices (and maybe something else) for babies, but as these juices very tasteful, adult love them too :D. `Фруто НЯНЯ` translates like `Fruit Babysitter` :)
For AF only!
Mesh by Hawk is included!

(you should press the image to see original size)

(you should press the image to see original size)

models - Drucilla by Pona, Irina by Kotangens, Serena by Vadim Levonenya

Now let's see, did I make any hair retextures? Definitely I did!! :DD
Peggy's quite new hair #007093! It's so lovely!
Oh, now I have 10 colours! One new called 'super red' :D As I got divine Rihanna by really awesome Helena, I decided to make retextures for her too^^ But if nobody doesn't like it, I will stop use this colour! So, please, vote for variant that you think is better :) Include this colour in archive or not!
Hairs're not binned, textures by Nouk
Mesh is not included, because it's free! ;) Download it THERE!
Files are compressed^^
Enjoy ♥
p.s. 'С Новым 2011 Годом' translates from Russian like 'Happy New 2011 Year' :) 

(you should press the image to see original size)

models - Anastasia by Pona, Natalia by AleX_miX, Rihanna by Helena, Alexandra & Irina by Kotangens, Sensual by mc roll, Maya by Maynarakmak 

The 4th and the last gift for today is - retextures of Butterfly Sims' hair called "xiaomei". 10 colours including new 'super red', for AF only! Not binned, texture credits go to Nouk :)
Mesh is included! You can see and download original textures HERE!
Files are compressed!~

(you should press the image to see original size)

models - Rihanna by Helena, Irina by Kotangens, Linda by OlyaPotap, Maya by Maynarakmak, Akari by Dreamhuntress, Anastasia by Pona, Meliana by Fashionboi (a.k.a. creatore of `House of Fox`) 

That's all :) 
Enjoy your holidays and stay with us!


  1. Ильдарка!!!! Ты настоящий гений! Я бы не додумался до фрутоняни :DDD
    Перекраски волос чудесные! Забираю к себе!
    И еще раз огромное спасибо за столько клевых подарков! Ты - прелесть :***

  2. Ты меня смущаешь опять своими красноречивыми комментариями :DD

  3. Спасибо за такие чудные вещички!:)Особенно дико нравятся "Фрутоняня" и прически, особенно пеггина (обожаю косы, а текстуры Ноук мои самые любимые):**
    Можно только пожалуйста спросить, что за мороженое в руках у двух симок с левого края на превью перекраски Пегги?))
    Еще раз огромное спасибо забарахлишко, настоящий подарок для моих симиков!))))

  4. Спасибо,Anonymous^^
    Очень приятно знать, что кому-то нравится мой контент)
    Мороженное в руках у девок от АвикаПэнг. Это азиатский креатор, найти её можно в ссылках справа)

  5. Kotangens, спасибо за ответ!:) Кажется, я твой ник где-то уже видела, а вот с твоими работами познакомилась здесь:). С наступившим Рждеством, многих творческих успехов!:*

  6. Я много на каких сайтах симских под таким ником)
    И тебя с Рождеством^^ Всего наилучшего)

  7. Where do you download all those WONDERFUL outfits from? So nicee :D

  8. Oh, honestly don't remember all of these outfits, some of them by Oscarone, ON syle, KimJ probably.

  9. what posebox did you use for the juice boxes?

  10. I don't remember, some random poseboxes. Not sure but maybe one of them was made by me, I didn't upload it because there are 4 poses, two of them doesn't even work lol.

  11. Фрутоняня? о_О
    Какая прелесть))

  12. Лололол, фруто-няня х)

  13. Can I have a link to Helena's rihanna? Can't find it anywhere and I want to download her :( Thanks in advance!


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