Saturday, January 15, 2011

nothing downloadable :DD

Hi, dears!

Some new staff is coming soon....~
And to make your waiting less painful, here are a couple of pictures :D

'Hypnotized Sims': Advertisement

(you should press the image to see original size)
Content by Hypnotized Sims: gum & ice cream (meshes by AvikaPang), hair retextures (meshes by NewSea; textures by Nouk).

models - Alexandra & Irina by Kotangens, Drucilla by Pona
(you should press the image to see original size)
 Content by Hypnotized Sims: clothes (meshes by qouture).

models -  Zhelezobetona by Vadim Levonenya, Natalia by AleX_miX
(you should press the image to see original size)
 Content by Hypnotized Sims: necklaces (mesh by Aikea Guinea), banana juice pack (mesh by HAWK), hair retextures (meshes by NewSea&B-fly sims2; textures by Nouk).
models - Dita by Lasky, Irina by Kotangens and Cecilia by Ronnie

All pictures made by Kotangens.

Special thanks to Fashionboi, Lasky, Cranberry, ON, Zara, LaVanilla, AvikaPang, Isi and everybody who made that amazing content I used for pictures!

Also, my Russian (and Ukrainian :D) friends from `SexySims Exclusive Club` finally finished their simply AMAZING sims magazine, called MAKSIM. It's in Russian but don't upset if you don't know it - you can just see the pictures, the most amazing sim-artists worked on them, you will be shocked by their talents!!

(you should press the image to open the magazine)

See you later


  1. where do u get ur sims clothing from? they're awesome

  2. Ильдар, я еше раз хочу выразить восторг по поводу твоих работ и скринов! Ты шикарен и твои работы под стать твоей шикарности. Обажаю тебя, сучка :**

  3. Сережа *О* Спасибо тебе большое, ты мне всегда столько всяких приятностей пишешь, даже когда всё у меня совсем криво :DDD Давай уже свой сет выкладывай, не терпится тебя захвалить :DDDD :***

    Anonymous, I download clothes from lots of different sites and blogs, also from cafes @ Naver like `yagi sims`.
    You can find a part of my favourite clothes (and not only) at my links on the right top ('visit also'). Thanks for visiting!

  4. Waaah - I need to have this pullover at the first picture - it looks really realistic and beautiful - would you mind sharing it with us?

  5. littlerunningbee, I don't remember the blog where I downloaded it. Exactly remember it was @
    If I find it, I will post the link here for you =)

  6. Wonderful! Where do you download your sims?

  7. where can I find clothing that is in the middle? I care very :D


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