Monday, March 14, 2011

Contest N1: Hypsters

As you noticed - Hypnotized Sims' has it's own special style, that's same with hypsters' style hehe
So, the theme of out contest is... HYPSTERS!

Here's the cover:

and here're some examples, if you don't really in this theme:

- there's only ONE round
- SIMS 2 only (because we don't create content for sims 3. and we will not)
- you have to use any content from Hypnotized Sims. It means your model/s should wear either any acc or clothes or hair retextures from our blog ;) *edited*
- you can edit your screen how you want. It means you can either edit contrast a bit or redraw the whole sim, we don't care.
- you can not send us your old works. Only new, that nobody saw before, please.
- not more than 2 works per one participant.
- keep min width of your picture to 660 pixels. [picture should be > 660 pixels ]
(instead of min 660 as I wrote before) excuse me, you may not change your work if you already made the 600 one. *edited*

Now, something much more interesting - prizes:

There's an exclusive prize for everyone, who will take a part in our content - hair with absolutely new adorable texture, which was given to us by Paryun.
6 colours, for ALL ages (gray for elders), files're compessorized.

model - Anastasia by Pona

The winner will receive much more exclusive gift - POSEBOX! There're only 3 poses, they're not perfect, but still good ;DD. By the way- it's my first posebox that work in game, congrats to me hehe

(you should press the image to see original size)
models - Karolina by mc ☆ roll, Irina by Kotangens and Zhelezobetona by Vadim Levonenya :D

Other important information:
- send your works to ONLY! Subject: contest
- DEADLINE - 28.03. You have two weeks!
- you can use as many sims for your work as you need.
- there will be two (or more) winners - one will be chosen by judges, others - by visitors of Hypnotized Sims' blog.

I think I'll post some new info soon, because I could miss any.

You may ask any questions about this contest here in comments!


  1. You have Beautifull Sims

    Shandykey :D

  2. I'll give this a go if I get the time between now and next Monday *_* will you be sharing the entries in a post ?

  3. This seems like a really nice contest! But hey, how do you select the winner?

    And by the way, I guess I've never thanked you for linking my site (=Crackland), so thank you : )!

  4. Shandykey, thank you) I love my HS models too, thanks for them to their creators :DD

    Christina, it would be grate ^^ Yes, I will post all works in another post :)

    Valoharhu, thank to you too for adding me :)

    I will ask some of my friends like AleX_miX and Lasky for example to be judges, so we will vote for best works, compare our results and then select a winner(or winners if there we get too much good works^^).
    Also I will post all works, but won't post nicknames of authors at first. Then visitors will see a pole with numbers of works and would choose another winner by themselves.
    So there will be at least two winners ;)

  5. I have a question, Kotangens. Do we have to use at least one piece of cc from your blog? Or does the whole Sim need to be pieced together with your cc? There's not a lot of clothing to choose from, is why I am asking ^_^ thanks!

  6. Christina, sorry you didn't get the rules, my English is really awful I see :DDDDD

    Yes, because of there's not so much CC, you can any content you want. But your sim have to wear just ANYTHING from our blog, f.e. hair or acc or clothes )
    At least one creation ;)

  7. Clothing in the last photo are nice where I can get it?

  8. Anon,
    the pink cloth is by KimJ, I don't know exactly but guess it's for neighbours only.

    The cloth on the centre is by Chupee, I don't remember her\his site address, but I have a link:

    The cloth on the right is by Lasky, he made it for me personally <3.

  9. It's okay Kotangens. Thanks for clearing it up for me :)

  10. Ohh, this is cool, contests are fun!
    That blonde girl in the picture, her eyes are so piercing! She reminds me of Mila Kunis.
    Never heard of, Hypsters. ^^

  11. Only one day left. T_T
    Damn me, I missed it. :(

  12. aWT, thank you ^^
    if you really want to take a part, I can wait for 2-3 days more! Just write :)

  13. It is so sweet of you. ^^
    But I don't have much time to play my game during the weeks. But really thank you!
    Next time I will keep my ears and eyes out in your blog. XD

  14. Oh, I hope you'll take a part in next contests :)))


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