Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I'mma be a little selfish

Hello, dears <3

I'm in game right not, making previews for the '50.000' gift! ;D
Okay, I will tell you what I'm preparing.. - it's a posebox! With 9 different poses!!!
Some of them turned out not really good, but some of them are simply gorgeous! *O* I'm partly shy person, but gosh, I'm so proud of myself! lol

There're 8 different divine models, can't wait to finish with taking photos of them and start editing ^-^
I guess our blog will not have 50 000 visits so soon, and since I really want to show what I made, I will show your some previews tomorrow :)


hey, did you already check out new Lasky's goodies? If not - hurry up, 'cause he posted amazing set of outfits, that will leave you speechless!


  1. Опять ты меня пиаришь, негодник ;)

  2. Хочу чтоб как можно больше людей о тебе знало и чтоб для тебя их любовь к твоим шмоткам была стимулом к креаторству :DDD

  3. Так милоооооо *_______*


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