Saturday, April 16, 2011

Important message!

If you ever tried to find Hypnotized Sims' models, then READ IT!

I got mails, saw in my statistic that you searched in google and just saw messages on forums where you tried to find models from H.S.' blog.

So read, allmost all of our models are exclusive, some of them are by me (Irina, Bruna, Alexandra...), some of them are by my awesome friends (Karolina by mc ☆ roll, Anastasia by Pona, Leyla by M.A.X etc), some of them are just by my favourite creators/artists (Hana by Butterz, Maya by Maynarakmak etc).
There's no chance to find them in any web-site. Don't even try to ask me to share other people's sims with you neither my personal sims, it's useless. Thank you.

And cheer up, there are tons of gorgeous sims which are up for download!



  1. wow her face is adorable
    ~ Dark ~

  2. What about to write the CC list of the models? Just a suggestion :)

    p.s. sorry for my bad english.


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