Sunday, April 17, 2011

"A little warms the heart, too much burns the soul" (c)

Peace, bro!
As hippies say: "Get a grip, updates are already here" lol

I dunno will these glasses be useful for you or not, but they're cool, no doubts :D

For females & males.

(you should press the image to see original size)
(Mesh by Prida is included)

Models - Irina & Alexandra by Kotangens, Leyla by M.A.X, Jaslene by Polina Artyuhina


  1. How fun!!

    Would you mind me asking about those headbands? I could really use those! And I *love* the outfits O.O

  2. Где ты одежду берешь?

  3. Christina, thank you :)
    The left one was with old hair from TSR, the right one is a retexture of AvikaPang's headbands, link to her site is on the right ;)

    Oversee, слева шмотка моя, правее я уже давал ссылку в комментариях где-то, хочешь - поищи.Дальше шмотка от Femme Fatale, дальше не помню чья.

  4. wow this is amazing !<3 i get it! and where you find this clothes (all)? nice site ; D

  5. kassieheartrock, thanks a lot :)
    The left cloth is made by me,you can find it in blog, the next is here - , next is by Ronnie @FemmeFatale, next one is by Oscarone (

  6. Thanks Kotangens!
    Your glasses are so cute~ :)

  7. Thank you, bori268! Glad you like them :)

  8. Where can I find the first hair? : D

  9. Anon, here it is =>

    Edit is mine, but I won't upload it because I made only 1 colour, it's really hard to edit.

  10. А откуда взята первая поза у симки? хочу такую.
    превью впечатляет ^_^

  11. Аноним, эта поза №5 из единственной опубликованной здесь коробки.

  12. Што-то ссылка не открывается( Вы не могли бы на mediafire залить? Или если это только у меня - объясните, как правильно скачатьь)

  13. Исправил ссылку.
    Нужно перейти по ссылке, подождать 5 секунд и справа сверху нажать "Пропустить рекламу".

  14. !!! So funny !!!!
    very cute glass!!!>_< thank you!!


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