Friday, June 24, 2011

About colors

ATTENTION, please :D
Well, I burned one more RAM, so my computer is even more slow than before (is it truly possible?)
I will buy 3 more RAMs on Monday, so sorry guys, no updates until it :(
Hope you understand me <3

Have a lovely weekends!

Hello :)
First of all, I'm sorry for not updating, I have problems with my RAM, which I hope to fix today.
5 new shiny gorgeous hair retextures are waiting for your downloading, lol.

To be honest I created this thread to make clear one question.
I wondered are you happy with 10 those colours I do usually and seems you're not.
Now you may tell me which "more natural colours" you want since I have no ideas about it :D

Don't be afraid to answer, please.


  1. The colours are lovely and really natural! I can't wait to see your new hair retextures. :)

  2. I think they are enough! but if you are going to add more, you should make one ginger, not too much red, more like orange :) and maybe a darker grey. I can't think of no other... no more ideas xD
    I hope you can solve the problem with your RAM! :D

  3. yes! i think they are enough too!! you could maybe add a champane-like blonde... like a really like blonde with a litte pink in it!! (it's my favourite hair colour):D and a light ginger and darker gray would be cool too...

  4. Oh my god, Nabila! *O* Thank you so much :DD
    I really want to put new retextures, but my computer is super slowly, I burned one RAM more! lol

    cariange, thank you so much for your opinion! :)
    I will try to make one more qinger!

    Anon, thanks! champagne like blond? Wow, sounds beuaitufl :D I will try to make it :)

    And hey, what is dark grey colour? I have no idea how it looks @_@ Do you have any pictures with it?

  5. Oh, tooo bad youre not gonna be able to post anything until Monday.
    And could you do like a strawberry blond with a bit of red in it? I think it would really look pretty. :D

  6. Hi! His hair is beautiful and their textures as well. Please tell me where I find a complete tutorial on converting hair for the sims 3 the sims 2?
    (Sorry the bad english, I'm Brazilian!)

  7. Tacoz, isn't cream colour what you want? It's blond + light pink :D

    Anon, thank you and sorry, I have no tutorial, my friend helped me via MSN.

  8. can you please add an raven color the raven is a color that is between black and purple

  9. Neko, okay, I will add it for new retextures :)

  10. As cariange said, I think it miss a real ginger version of your retextures !
    But the rest is really wonderful, thanks again for sharing ^^
    I can't wait to see your news, keep on with your computer :)

  11. Thank you for your opinion, Ness :)
    What do you mean under "real ginger"?

  12. Hmm... Orange ? XD
    I have seen your new retextures, truly beautiful !


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