Friday, July 8, 2011


Sorry for another download-less message, dear visitors :D

I fixed the computer, everything works awesome now. And I did already 13 hair retextures including new Raon, Coolsims and Newsea's hairs!
You will get 11 colours  instead of 10 like before, I added one new  called raven, it's something between black and violet, will see how you like it and think do we need it or not, okay? huh :)

I run into one problem - all elders have only black colour of hair, seems I did something wrong with binning, so it will take one day to re-retexture everything again ><

I'm writing it to make you know I'm alive and never forgot about Hypnotized Sims and its visitors :)

Have a lovely weekend and be ready for lots of updates <3
Some cuteness to make the message not so boring haha


  1. Awww! It's like a mini replica of my kitty Henry :D

  2. man, just when my game started having issues with cc. But cant wait to see more updates! :D

  3. Tacoz, I'm sorry for your game D: btw my game loads very slowly because of it, so I cleaned all CC since last week, now I have 9 gb instead of 17 and really happy :D


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