Wednesday, July 13, 2011

B-Fly Female Hair 033-TT Retextures

- mesh by Butterfly Sims is included
- textures by Nouk
- 12 colours (12th is blond with rainbow strands)
- all ages
- binned & familied
- compressorized

(picture is clickable)
Our stunning models - Irina by Kotangens, Anastasia by Pona, Leyla by M.A.X, Serena by Vadim Levonenya, Rihanna by Helena, Gisele by Lasky, Mereya by Kαtie

Some content credits:
clothes - Trinity, FemmeFataleOskarone, Hypnotized Sims, KimJ . . .
others - Ephemera, Zara, Tifa, alex_mix, AvikaPang, FemmeFatale, Hypnotized Sims . . . 


  1. thank you so mush

    I'love Retextures...ู^^

  2. this is so awesome! I love it!
    Do you remember where you the jackets have gedownload off the first picture?

  3. Thank you.
    From Femme Fatale and from KimJ (it's for friends only, I guess). Another one can't remember, sorry.


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