Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Raonjena 95 Hair Retextures + Alpha Edit

Hello :)

- mesh by Raonjena is included
- textures by Nouk
- 11 colours
- all ages
- binned & familied
- compressorized

 I edited the ribbon as well. Platinum, Cream, Blond, Light Red, Light Brown, Dark Red and Dark Brown have pink cute ribbon with cupcakes, Super Red, Almost Black, Black and Raven have ribbon coloured flowers :)

 (picture is clickable)

Our stunning models - Irina by Kotangens, Anastasia & Drucilla by Pona, Leyla by M.A.X, Serena by Vadim Levonenya, Rihanna by Helena, Sensual & Karolina by mc ☆ roll.

Some content credits:
clothes - Krystal Sims, Lasky, ilikemusic, Sadako . . .
others - Ephemera, Zara, Tifa, AvikaPang, FemmeFatale . . .


  1. вот за это спасибо прям огроменнейшее!

  2. На здоровье, Аня )) всё для тебя :DDD

  3. Thank you for sharing!! ><

  4. Beautiful retextures and these ribbons are really cute!
    Thank you for your hard work :D

  5. Sue, thank you so much for feedback :)

    May, thanks for visiting :*


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