Thursday, July 14, 2011

Editing of Raonjena FH95 Mesh

Hello everybody, I have some amazing news!
I was taught how to animate hairs, so now I may try to convert long hairs as well.

But for the beginning I edited Raon Female Hair 95 mesh. I like this hair a lot, but it's animation was simply awful! I mean, when sim turns its head, the hair breaks and looks truly disastrously.

I had no time to wait until game loads two times and made previews @ bodyshop, thanks to TXPrincess for the appropriate pose.

Look, original version is on the left, my version is on the right.

2011 7 14 20 32 19

And animation :D
2011 7 14 20 32 19

(choose fixed version)

You should just replace old mesh with my version, all retextures (and my, and original) will work anyway :)


  1. Ильдарка, ты такой молодец, что не останавливаешься в развитии своих скиллов! прям ваще молодец-молодец!!))

  2. Анечка, спасибо :D
    Сам бы я ни за что не разобрался, мне помогала одна клёвая креаторша, попросившая не палить её имени :DDDDDDDD

  3. I love this hair too, but the animation was so awful I never actually used it. Your version is so much better!
    Thank you so much for sharing, Kotangens! ^^

  4. Nabila, I'm really glad you like it! ^ ^

  5. Thank you very much! but i'd like to request something if it's okay with you :) could you please make a version of this without the ribbon? thank you :D


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