Sunday, August 28, 2011

Awkward search keywords

Today I was bored a bit and decided to take a look at search keywords with which you, visitors, find this blog. 
I was totally confused! My English is so miserable to describe my emotions, so I created this picture

I would be happy if anybody explained it! lol
Especially the 2nd one, how many pages at google you need to browse with such keywords to find this Sims 2 blog? XD

~stay tuned, I overcame my laziness and launched the game for making previews :D


  1. L O L that's F.U.N.N.Y :D I'm boring too so I can't wait till your newssss and yeah be ''jealous'' because now i'm gonna re'install my all lots from 75000files :DD Gosh how i can find them :D And Good Luck with launching game and body shop:D Or if you don't play sims you can your downloads folder replace to dekstop and when you will need these cc in your game just place them back to sims 2 folder, because we want your creations, believe me with that your sims will load per 1 minute maximum :DD

  2. Meow, aren't you was that anonim from formspring who has sick humour? lol

    And thank you, but happily I don't have any problems with game and bodyshop ^ ^
    About replacing - I can't do it because my folder isn't organised and I don't know what to replace T_T

  3. LOL...I can find nothing about nude in your blog 8)

  4. I've said it before and I'll say it again... Google is a wealth of hilarity. Just an all around WIN. Between browser histories and auto-complete... it's perfection. haha


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